Saturday, June 29, 2013

Days 18, 19, and 20

Today started off just grand. It looks like I have physical bad luck again...this means it'll be tripping and falling all day for me. -,-

What can I say, I like fallin' all day e'ry day.

I actually tested out my Dream Suite today, meaning dreaming up my own town for others to visit, and going on little dreams to others' towns for myself. :3 This is my Dream Address! I'll post it in the 'Shantaki Information' tab as well for convenience.

The first town I visited was one that I had actually visited by computer for some QR codes. :) Her town is beautiful, OMG. It's honestly like a fairy tale. If you're looking for somewhere to visit via Dream Suite, hers is definitely a recommendation.

So, umm, this is her house...more like mansion. And yes, she's Japanese. So it makes it reasonable for her to have this size of house - after all, she's had the game for longer. 

This is her main room. It's like a mini Barbie house, like wow! All of her rooms look like this, decorated very well with exclusive items. I'd really like to know where she got that mannequin from. :3

Okay, I believe this was her downstairs, but I could be wrong. I really like what she's done with the place! It's her kitchen, I assume, and she's used the Alpine series to decorate, but with her own paw-print design. I did steal that design, hehe, and I might have to work it into furniture of my own, I mean, this room looks great. :D

This is the princess of the fairy tale world, or mayor if you want to be boring. (; Her username is sweetiebel, though I think her name is something in Japanese in which I do not know. :3

Of course, her town hall must match the theme of her town, so she has renovated it to be magical, as well. 

Right. Good one, Reese. xD

OMG, I LOVE what she's done with her picnic area! <3 It's probably because she has spread pink, red, and white lilies around it, though. :D

Then, I dragged Noah out to dream for himself. Does it bother anyone else that Luna is breathing down your neck as you're trying to travel to a dreamy place?

It's autumn in this town! 

Ahh, I love all these people's kitchens! I plan to make a third character that runs the Shantaki Café, or whatever xD, because there's so many food items that you can put in your home in this game! :D

Anndd, I have future plans to put solar panels in my town, as well. :)

OMG, this room.>>> It's like their own rendition of Club LOL, in their own BASEMENT! I think I want to do this idea, too. I guess this is why I like dreaming so much! (^-^d)

Mhhm, back to reality.

OMMP. I NEED. She's SO cute, ahh!

HAHAH, the way the Animal Crossing players run in the Dream World.>>>

To end off the day, I got a notification from SpotPass saying I had Reggie in my HH Showcase! My sister is still struggling to get him though, I'm not sure why it won't work for her? Anyway, he house is super cool, and the best part is: I can order stuff from it!

Day 19:
Let's start by saying that this day was very uneventful, haha. One picture. xD I finally had the celebration for my museum's second floor renovation. I don't go to my town hall very often, so I tend to forget about poor Isabelle waiting for me to sit in my chair to bring up her planned parties that always get put off. ):

Day 20:
Club LOL opened today. ^^ I'll be looking forward to getting emotes for my character to actually express her opinion, (which she has been held back from doing.) ^^

Anyone remember the bamboo that I was debating planting earlier? Well, I planted it. And it grew. And it grew. And here it is. ^^ Glad I grew it!

ARE YOU FREAKINN--not again. >.< 

My sister announced she had Katrina in her town after I finished growling at her about my very unfortunate events. However, I seemed to get similar results that she got when getting her fortune told. She got an H-Striped top, while I got a V-Striped top. I give up. We have NO idea what these are, and not even our genius book will tell us. I will be joining Resetti in his little underground tunnel, cursed for life. :|

Ahh, the good old days in Miagen. Let's hope I won't spread my bad luck. >:)

LOL. I opened one of my fortune cookies in store to find a Samus hat. And my sister was planning to collect the Samus gear and replicate her. So be it - she plunked that helmet on her head and began running around lieke a madman, laughing at herself. You go, sis. You go. xD

So I tried what Teru recommended to catch char-- but no luck. It was a neat discovery, though!

Guys, I can't contain my inner kid and always spin the statues around to see if they have a buttcrack. Please tell me I'm not alone. 

I traveled back in time, (woah!), to Cheryl's town again, (so this isn't the first time travelling back?) In case you're wondering, her town in set in July 2012. My sister and I were surprised to see that another player was there, as well! His name was Victor, and he was pretty nice! I admired his glasses, hehe. :3

Aannd here's my sister, dissing my hairstyle. Deffs feelin' the love here. >.< This was our attempted group shot, taken while Ck was carrying her baby brother around on his birthday. A happy (belated) birthday shout out to Ck's little bro!

Ahh, then there was out fangirl moment. We all stood around Drago, somehow amused by this 'alligator'. But Victor kept talking to him. xD

OMG LIFE SAVER. Katrina was ironically here as well! Perhaps the game felt bad for laying the bad luck on me twice in three days? So my item is magically now a Flashy top? It was past 5 o'clock by the time I was back, though, and there was nothing flashy in my stores, so I just dealt with falling, AGAIN.

AHH-HAH! I found Drago-- ALONE! Fangirl moment, whoot-whoot! :D It's always a good time in Bluebell. xD

Then, I stopped in a visited BlueBell's coffee shop. It was lovely coffee, thanks Brewster. ^^

Mmm, this should be good, Phil. First, he compliments me, so thanks, dude. :) Then he's asking me about my you can wear them, Phil, and like I'd give them to you? Now, he's creepin' me as I run up the slope. Dude, I can see that you're staring me down, so stop.

So, this is my new haircut, guys. I mean, it's alright, if I'm allowed to be picky. ^^ I really like the back, and often wear my hair up in real person, but I don't like the front. She's got too much forehead showing, and I like to keep my bangs parted to the side. The color is right, though!

Oh, Shrunk. :D He's always got a pun for everything. The first emote I got was the...oh bother, I forgot. :s It starts with an F though! It's the one that Phil always says 'Shoom!' with, hahah. I was pleased with this one. ^^

So, I'm off to an overnight camp tomorrow, meaning no Animal Crossing for a week! I'm really excited though, and my sister said she'd keep my Animal Crossing in check for me, (thanks for that!) ^^ This also means that I'm going to lose track of days for posting, so I'm going to do them differently. It's not just one week that's going to be like this, either, or I wouldn't have a problem. Once summer begins (practically tomorrow), it's going to be on-and-off vacations. I've decided to just put the date on the top of each post, and catch up with everything that's happened in maybe, the last three days? That way it won't be too long, but I can't afford to post every day, unfortunately. :( So it's goodbye for a week then, fellow bloggers, see you then! :)


  1. I hope you have fun at camp! I'll miss hearing from you and reading your posts while you're gone, hehe :P
    Aw, sorry about the bad luck! I still haven't fallen any yet, which I think is so weird since it seems like everyone else is. I've had Katrina in my town lots of times, too, and have never taken advantage of her lucky item advice...
    Thanks for sharing those pictures of sweetiebel's dream town! :) I'm actually going for a lot of those fairytale public works, too, so it's always interesting to me to see how others incorporate them into their towns. Hope I can put my own unique spin on the theme and for my town, though!
    It's good you were able to get your haircut in Bluebell! I don't think it looks bad. I just checked my town this morning and I see Shampoodle! :D *squeee* So I bet you'll have it too, we seem to be on similar town schedules.

  2. I figured it out. It's not "H-Striped Top"...'s "HORIZONTAL-STRIPED TOP"!!!

    So V-Striped Top is "VERTICAL-Striped Top"!!!

    That's what it means! It's not the name of a specific item... it's the direction of the stripes!

    1. Ohh, wow, I wouldn't have figured that out on my own - thanks! I guess that's not such a tall order on Katrina's part after all! :)