Thursday, June 20, 2013

Days 6 and 7

On the 6th day in Shantaki, I wandered around town in the morning to find that Shantaki's Town Tree was progressing very nicely.
At the same time, I found Katrina's tent pitched up south of the tree. In Wild World, I would never bother to go into her tent because it was quite pathetic, and a waste of money. However, my sister visited Katrina yesterday, and found that you can actually get a lot out of your day after visiting her and getting your 'item of the day'. So I did, and it was surprisingly neat. I imagine it would've looked even cooler in 3D too! :) My lucky item for today was boots, and I didn't have a problem wearing those! ^^

I was also pleased to find that a construction tent was placed in my Main Street! I only knew it was Leif because of the guide, but I was still really excited that I could purchase flowers, as well as an axe, to organize my town the way I want it! :D

Yesterday I decided to start building Shantaki's first town project! With barely any help from my neighbors, and 99% help of Noah and Ryann, we finished the fountain today! I can't wait for the ceremony, it's gonna be great! However, I talked to Isabelle with Ryann, naturally, and she wouldn't let me have the ceremony today because of the Bug-Off that was already taking place today.

Later on that evening, Amy from A Forest Life came over to visit my town! I was very pleased to have her, as this was my first WiFi, not only on New Leaf either!

Aww, we decided to take a nice picture in front of my nicely developing tree. :3 I was glad to see I snapped a picture that didn't have Renee in the background - it seemed that she thought it would be better if she were part of the picture!

After exchanging gifts and fruit, we made our way down to the dock where Kapp'n was waiting to escort us to the island. Though I was a little worried that Kapp'n might scare Estel away with his creepiness.. :&

I think I was annoying Estel here, I was swimming into her to try and get a picture, but it didn't work out too well ahah. :)

Together we did a few tours, and they were really fun! The best tour was hands down the hammer one - we were just all over the place! We were letting it get away here (^) , a little bit on the lazy side if you ask me, and later we were feeling a little angrier and let it all loose on the poor acorn here. (^)

One of the tours we did, we all tied with the number of medals we received for the amount of effort put in individually. I was happy about the results, as I seem to always get less than my sister!

And then there was the fossil tour we did...ahaha it was quite the experience! None of us knew what we were doing, except for gathering fossils, and so we didn't even finish one of houses! xD We were supposed to replicate the sample house beside it by placing the right fossils in an empty house, however Tortimer didn't make that too clear.

After an evening full of entertainment, Kapp'n escorted us back home & we said farewell to Estel. We look forward to connecting in the future! :D Next time we can hope to maybe explore Citalune and its beautiful waterfall. ^^

Day Seven:
Today was the third Saturday in June, meaning today was also the Bug-Off!

Also, the fountain that I had finished paying off yesterday was completed! My first public works project, done!

And Leif's Garden Shop also finished construction! There's not much int eh store, but I think he's a pretty neat guy! I hope he'll expand soon, into something with more merchandise - he's hardly getting paid anything as it is!

LOL okay Kapp'n! I had to go, it's a natural habit, and you were taking too long! I kind of felt bad after though because I believe he said: "If ye don't want me singin', I'll just get ye to the destination then." And then it was quiet! :( 

You go, Kidcat. You win this Bug-Off with your honeybee. ^^

 Omg, I won! Renee was definitely my biggest competition, but I was running out of time to win! I had to scurry to the island to get a Birdwing! And, I just happened to walk into the tent with Noah, who didn't participate at all. I didn't hear the end of it from Ryann, when the winner didn't bother showing up to the ceremony...awkward.

Then I finished my day off at the island, which is a natural occurrence from all the expensive bugs you can find! I was just cleaning up my island when I decided to sit down on this stump and look at the moon. This view is really pretty! Probably be prettier if the photo quality was better though, haha. :3

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