Thursday, June 27, 2013

Days 16 and 17

As you can see, I didn't have a great start off to the day today. It is apparent that I'm having a bad luck day, and falling every 10 or so steps isn't gonna be a blast for the whole day.

OMG, was I ever glad to see Katrina show up in my town! I was cured of my bad luck!! So I slapped on some funny glasses, (my lucky item, okay?), and I enjoyed the rest of my day walking with BOTH my feet. ^^

I was also happy to see that my museum had grown stairs in result of finishing payment on the project! :) It was a prettier entrance to the upstairs than I was expecting, too. :D

Aww, I got to meet Celeste, too. She's so cute! And I always say that part out loud when I wake her, haha don't mind me. xD

I went on another one of these hammer tours while visiting with my sister, as I hadn't seen it in my tour list since I WiFied with Amy! :O

I constructed most of my lily flower patch today, as well. As you can see, my sister and I gathered a lot of lilies from the island tours . :3

To end off the day, I decided to cut down all the palms on my island because there were way too many. I originally had banana palms, then wanted coconut palms as well, so tried to plant coconut among the banana palms. Well you can imagine how crowded that was. -,- So me and my zombie friend here chopped down all my trees. I guess I'll have to go a few days without catching all the horned beetles! :(

Day 17: 
Uh oh. Looks like I got into trouble with these funny glasses after all. :s
Haha, I'm only kidding, and so was Monique. xD

It was Drake's birthday today! I got him what the book told me he specifically liked - modern clothing - and he really liked it! ^^

Aww, they spent time decorating the house for him! <3 


Mabel! I heard someone else talk about this, but I wasn't really sure what they did to trigger that reaction from her. Apparently, she thinks THIS is adventurous. :s

I went touring again today, and I came across this beach. THIS is the kind of slope that I want in my town! I could get some dramatic pictures running down it, I could plant flowers surrounding it on the ledge above, I could run right onto my dock from it-- there's so many ways I could use this in my town! And you can see that it even comes with a cove to plant palms on in the side picture. :D

Three sharks at once?? This was probably a glitch, or possibly rigged by Tortimer, but when I was doing a master fishing tour, I saw 9 sharks in a row without even moving my feet. Believe it or don't they all showed up by themselves, or in groups of two or three. I couldn't believe the luck that I had while touring! Why can't I have this turnout of sharks on my island??

LOL, Phil loves this line to start out conversations. Really, I don't understand it, but his little dance that he does is quite cute. :3

I popped into Drake's party as Noah with another piece of modern clothing as a gift. It's quite peculiar how Drake has had a sleek stereo, an astro stereo, and a red boombox. (except for that's not what it's called in this game) He seems to like...variety?

Cyrus also woke up with Noah today-- it took him long enough!! And I was amused by Reese and his conversation with each of my players. Is this a threat, Cyrus?! They seem to be quite protective of each other. :3


  1. Awww. They love each other for sure :)

  2. Hey! I saw you posted on my blog on Wordpress, I just wanted to say hi ^_^ and just to say that your blog looks great! It's a shame I don't think I can follow it, I'm not on Blogger :/

    1. Hey! ;) Thanks a bunch! ^^ There's a place to follow it by email, if you'd like. :D (top left widget)

  3. Cool pictures while touring! Three sharks, wow o_o And I love that ramp too! I've actually seen someone who has a ramp like that leading straight to the dock, and there were palm trees nicely lined up on either side. It's easy to get jealous of the smallest little things like that: ramps, waterfalls, coves, etc. xD But I try to remember that probably no town would ever be 100% perfect for me; in every town, there will always be at least one thing I could nitpick about, and at least one thing I would love to have in my town and be jealous of. :P
    Congratulations on your museum's second floor, and on your path of lilies, it looks lovely!

    1. Thanks! I'm assuming that was a that was crazy with the sharks...And yeah, you don't know what you want in a new game until you see it. But by that time, you're already too developed to start over. :3