Monday, June 24, 2013

Days 14 and 15

As I stepped out of my house this morning, I was stopped by Dr.Shrunk, asking if he could open a shop up in Main Street! Though, it's not really a shop, more like!

He asked me to get 6 signatures from the villagers in town, since clubs can be noisy at night, and not everyone would particularly want that. I think this is a neat addition, as the game told us that the villagers were more involved in the community in New Leaf. ^^ 

I walked into Drake's house to get a signature, and it looked like I interrupted something...they both seemed shocked that I walked in, so I'm just gonna get the signatures and leave quietly...

Kicks finished moving in, (after 3 days of anticipation!) I can finally shoe shop!
Then, I went over to Miagen, so my sister could use me for my axe. -,- It turns out I could only cut down one and a half trees before mine broke as well. :3 Her flower path is really pretty, though! I think I'm going to use the same idea, but with lilies instead. :D

We went to the island after that, mainly to fish/bug catch. We kept competing for the lead, since no one wants to 'follow the leader'. It came to the point where I was whacking her for cutting in front of me, hehehe. Nothing like sisterly love. <3

Then I returned to Shantaki and was captured by the moon's gaze - it was spooky. :D Had anyone watched Martin Mystery as a kid? That's what this moon reminded me of. ^^

Day 15:
My villagers' hard work paid off! I've been seeing them stand over a flower path, think like they were fiddling around in their pockets, then poop out a flower! They've made almost all this patch of flowers, in fact. It originally was just a storage spot while I was doing some renovations on my town, but it seems my villagers had something different in mind - pink tulips!

I also completed my Dream Suite project yesterday, so I needed to have a ceremony for it today. Luna came, because it's her business, and so did the villagers that were outside at the moment. The looks on all their faces are priceless! Did they not know the popping noise was coming? xD

Just as soon as I finished up the Dream Suite project, Blathers thought it would be time to put an addition onto the museum! I finished that project today too, so we'll be looking forward to the ceremony tomorrow. ^^

OMG, I had to put this picture in here. These Pikman hoods/hats are too funny, I can't cope. The noise that they make when you flip into them as well - it's hysterical! xD

Today I found my third gold nugget as well, so I could make my first piece of the golden series! I didn't get to choose which one, though I'm not complaining that I got the golden wardrobe! :3

This is my island so far, guys. :D My idea was to make it as colorful as possible without it being too much. I have two of each kind of exotic fruit on there at the moment, except for persimmons. (I've got lychees, lemons, durians, and mangoes). I've also got coconut and banana palms around the outside. :)

Okay, so I've had this bamboo shoot since nearly the beginning of Noah's time, but I'm not sure how to plant it! I'd really like to plant it soon, so I can start spreading it around my town, but that's the problem here. Apparently, when you plant it, and it grows up, seeds automatically get spread around the base of the plant and they start growing without your assistance as well. Then, it would mass produce like crazy! I don't want it to produce crazily, but I'd like to have some in my town! I need your thoughts: do you think I should plant it here? And perhaps chop down the surrounding shoots every time they grow? Or not even plant them at all in my town, since they require too much maintenance?

The boys got together at Miagen to go to the island and cliff jump together! They're the only two of all our characters to have wet suits, since we're waiting for the rarer ones to appear in the island gift shop. As you can see, Violet and Bluebear have always wanted to see people jump into the ocean, perhaps even jealous they can't do the same. ;)

Ahh, Micah has developed his beach so nicely! He's got a cove just in the right place to have a grand entrance to his dock! Plus, he was able to stick his house right on top of the ramp! So lucky! ^^

Here's how my balloon room is shaping up too! :3

Oh! This is what I was talking about; how neighbors think they're being helpful by planting flowers onto the end of flower patches. Portia is thinking, anticipating which flower to plant beside this lovely yellow lily. xD


  1. woahh!!! lucky! u have a bamboo! When seeds get out, can i have one? :3 also, when u get a golden nugget, how do u use that to get a golden furni?

    1. For sure you can! And once you collect 3 gold nuggets, bring them to Cyrus, along with 10 000 Bells in your wallet. Once you talk to him, he'll ask you what you want to furnish, and just click on one of the gold nuggets. He'll take all three and 10 000 Bells, and then he'll tell you it'll take 30 minutes to build. I'm pretty sure its just a random pick with which one you get, too, but any gold furniture is cool to me! :D

  2. I guess you and I have similar pacing in our towns; it's kind of cool how some of these things are happening for us at the same time -- Kicks opening, Dr. Shrunk coming, building the second floor of the museum, etc. Although I might be a day behind since I started my town on the 10th instead of the 9th.

    Miagen and Shantaki both look so pretty! I love your fountain and her path of violets. :D To be honest, I was thinking of doing a path bordered by flowers as well -- not because I'm trying to copy you guys, but because that's a great way to form dirt paths. (The flowers will help define the borders of the dirt path since grass grows better under flowers.)

    Haha, my villagers do that too! It really amuses me; one day there's a random tulip in a random spot in town, and then a few days later there's a whole patch of tulips there. :P I appreciate their help, but I usually end up re-arranging their flowers, lol.

    Your rooms are coming along nicely! Wow, I didn't know you could get the gold series that way! In City Folk it was DLC, I think.

    About the bamboo, I do think you should plant it if you want bamboo in your town. :) I bet it's not 100% permanent (so you can always get rid of it if you decide to do that later) and that there's a way to manage it somehow.

    1. Thanks for the compliments! :D Oh, don't worry about copying us, it's not like we made up the idea for the flower path! :p Haha, I feel the same way! I felt a little bad for Ruby today, I chopped down a tree to plant a flower in its spot for my path, and Ruby planted a white lily. However, I needed to plant a yellow one there for my pattern, and so I picked it up right away. She ended up watering the ground before I could get another lily down! Yeah! Overall you need a crazy number of gold nuggets - something like 39 of them - and 130 000 Bells! I guess it's exclusive, though, so you couldn't expect less. :3 Okay, I think I will plant the bamboo. I hope it'll grow, because then I can spread the bamboo to other towns like yours, Ck's, and Choco's! ^^

  3. You need to come over to my town again!

  4. and for the bamboo, u can actually control it with patterns, or if u watch it everyday. I got bamboo in my town too :)

    1. Oh, sweet haha! And yay! I assume you got it from a neighbour. :p I got mine from Drake! ^^ I would love to come over again - maybe later on tonight or tomorrow (June 27)?

    2. I got my bamboo from... this random person who came in my town.