Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 and 9

Today was the first day that it stormed in Shantaki! After a couple days of rain, it decided that just rain wasn't enough. >.< Though, I'd rather a thunderstorm over just rain. Rain is boring. :)

When I walked into Retail that morning, I found Reese talking to Cyrus! Cyrus introduced himself and said that he would now be free to customize my furniture! Though I already knew that was coming. :D Then, Reese made a comment about falling for her 'Cy-Guy'? Oh, you don't have to worry about that, Reese. :P

Then, I talked to Isabelle, after completing the project for the new fountain, and we held a celebration right there and then! At first I thought everyone that donated came, but that didn't seem right, as only one villager donated. The rest came from Ryann and Noah. -,- It turns out that everyone outside at the moment joins the ceremony. It was an exciting ceremony! Short, though.

I also decided I would change the ordinance, since I didn't want the default rules to be set anymore. I was a little undecided about what I wanted to change it to, since I didn't want to be throwing my money around. I decided I wanted to develop my town first, with beautiful flowers, hybrids, no weeds, etc. So I chose the beautiful town ordinance. I'm excited to get more hybrids! I've always been jealous of people that have their towns full of them. ^^

After reading Amy's blog, I found out that you can jump off cliffs in your town with the little strip of cliff over the ocean in your town! That's exciting! So I did it, naturally. :D You can also jump off your docks! I think that would make for a really good shot with your friends! 

Katie came to my town today! She's so cute omg! And in this game she says she's 'grown up' and can travel on her own now. If she has, I haven't noticed a change in appearance. xD She's almost like a little sister to me in the middle picture! If only she could be. <3 Then I escorted her to Miagen.

After Katie left, Gulliver appeared in my town! I didn't know that was possible, but I definitely wasn't complaining! I kind of wished that Noah was out for one of them, though, because now Ryann was going to get both presents. Haha, oh well! ^^ I thought Gulliver's footprints on the beach were cute, as well. :D 

My waterfall! It's so pretty! And I liked Ryann's outfit that day too. This just makes for an all-around great picture! (It's not that bad quality either. ;)

To end off the day, I caught Ruby flipping, actually by accident. I was originally just going to take a picture of Ruby in that shirt, since in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf book, it shows that to complete the bunny clothing set, you need the folk shirt, (the shirt she's wearing), the fluffy tank dress, and the bunny hood. I didn't quite understand the folk shirt, but Ruby was wearing it, and it looked good! Anyways, I went to take a picture for my photostream, and she changed into the shirt she traded with me! It turned out to be a really neat picture! ^^

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