Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day Two and Three!

Ahh, my second day in New Leaf! 

I got a lovely surprise to start my day - I went down to the beach to find one Gulliver lying face down on the beach! I was a little sad he no longer had his UFO, but whenever that thing floated by, I had a mini heart attack.

I also woke up to see that SOMEONE HAD INVADED MY PERSONAL SPACE! It turns out Ruby is moving in like 3 or 4 feet (in Animal Crossing character measurement) away from my house!! >_< I mean Ruby's nice and all but I'd really rather her not live there!!

Other than that, today was just a normal day in Shantaki. I started my town development permit and was pleased to find out that my rating was already at 69%! I wrote a bulletin board, conversed with the villagers, and watered the flowers in attempt to bring my percentage up, but it stayed at 94% the rest of the day! >_< I was also surprised that Chief chose to ignore me again! He says he has better things to do than talk to me and then goes off somewhere to think. Rude!

Night time was again really peaceful, but this time I had other things to do than just admire it - I had a fishing rod to put to use! It turns out that sharks are really common in this game; and I caught three of the sharks for my museum that night! The hammerhead, the saw shark, and the great white shark! I started getting repeats after that, which is nothing to complain about because of the price that they sell for! I caught something like $100 000 worth of fish that night for my bank. :D

To finish off the day, I took a trip to Miagen for the first time! That's my sister's town - you can visit her blog here. Oh. My. Word. Was Molly ever cute?! She's super sweet too! I'm going to try to convince her to move into my town the next time I'm over there. >:) 

Day three began with a greeting from Tortimer! And this means I get to go to the ISLAND...oh wait....I log on to realize he wants me to come back tomorrow to see Kapp'n. Wow. >_< Idk though, I think it's cute that he calls me whippersnapper. :3

Digby, Isabelle's brother, was also standing outside the Happy Home entrance! That meant I got to see others' houses. ^^ Oh wait, another disappointment - I don't have any friends ahah, I haven't passed anyone via SpotPass.

Ruby moved into town today as well. :) She's significantly cuter than in Wild World, so I think I can look past where she decided to put her house. Once again - it's a Wild World character!

I thought these pictures were really cute. ^^ Drake asked if he could come over to my house right away, and Portia asked if I could come over to her house right away. Both times I lead them and it was really cute how they followed me in. :D

I ended off the night connecting with my sister again, this time in my town. She originally just wanted to come over to borrow my fishing rod because her store supplied a bug net and shovel for three days in a row! I had to be sympathetic and let her borrow it - after all, that's what sisterly love is all about! <3 We took a nice shot in front of the train tracks too...we would've taking it with our faces to the camera, though Cassidy managed to get stung by bees - a natural habit of hers.

I also had a shock when I went to go meet Lucha! Cassidy had told me that 'she' moved in, and ever since that, we started making assumptions about her! "She's a wolf", "Her name sounds feminine", "I think she's purple", "She's an snooty, Ryann!" And then I went to go visit her and BAM! HE'S the total opposite.


  1. It was nice reading about your first few days in town! Wow, you've already come across Gulliver, I hope I see him sometime soon. Congratulations on making so much money fishing with those big catches, that's great! :D Sorry about Ruby moving so close next to your house, though. At least it was off to the side a bit and not right in front of your door! Molly is a cute duck I've never seen her before ^_^

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I was surprised too! Though a day after that my sister came across him too so he mustn't be too rare! Ooh yeah the money I got from trips to the island is unbelievable! Have you unlocked the island yet? Haha Ruby! It was frustrating at first, but you're right - it could be worse!