Sunday, June 23, 2013

Days 12 and 13

So this was actually from two nights ago, but I had blogged before these pictures took place. I went over to Cheryl's town and watched the meteor shower with her! It was really pretty! :D 

Then we ditched the meteor shower and continued on to the island. Unfortunately, the shower wasn't on the island as well. Strange!

Really, Kapp'n? However, I could understand where you were coming from, looking at Cheryl, that is. She's Luigi! :3

Day 12: Now, this is yesterday. Not much happened, though construction on Main Street did take action.
Katie's back! I was excited to see her - she's probably my favorite guest in town. (Y) My sister was writing an exam at the moment, so I had to ditch Katie and go indoors, taking her to Miagen later. I was super scared when my sister came home, however, because I couldn't find Katie anywhere! I had heard that she moves on if you don't deal with her right away either! :(

I ran into Main Street to do my dailies while my sister was away, and I remembered that yesterday, the bulletin board read that the Nook brothers were upgrading today to the T&T Mart! This means a slingshot!! And two fortune cookies!! And later hours!! :D

Guess who I found...Katie! She remained roaming around the town, thank goodness, and I could take her over to Miagen now! So I did, but as I was boarding the train, I noticed a blue rectangle had dropped on the floor. Katie look surprised as soon as she turned around and saw it sitting there, and she ran off the train to pick it up! As soon as she stepped off the train, the doors closed behind her, and I left immediately! I was so surprised! And frustrated that she probably wouldn't be there when I got back! Like, did I do something??

So I ended up going to Miagen by myself...but I decided I may as well make the best of it! I took a picture with my sister, which I realized I hadn't done yet! It's too bad it was a gloomy day - not too nice of a background for our group picture. :3

Day 13:
OMG, I was super relieved to wake up to this letter! Katie attached a sketchbook with it too, and it shows her drawings in it - aww!

And today was the Summer Solstice, as most may know. ^^ It was literally bright ALL day and night! And here I am, posing like a loner in front of the cut-out stands, by myself. I read others' blogs to see that they did the same, so I'm not alone. :3

Orange lilies bred, OMG! I'm planning to make my flower path out of lilies that leads all around town, so this just makes me happy to see that my lovely patch is breeding my town's national flower! :D

And today was the grand opening of the Dream Suite! Luna seems pretty wise and dreamy, we all know people like that, right? I'm excited to visit others' towns and possibly snatch ideas for my town, hehe. :3

Though it only shows Noah here, both of my characters got medals today. My editing software glitched out the other one while it was saving. >.< Noah's 50% done his bug encyclopedia, so he got the Insect Maniac badge, and Ryann got the Village Representative badge for playing a lot. ^^

I wanted to stay up for to see just how long the sun would stay up in Shantaki, though I needed to get to bed for horseback riding tomorrow. It was 10:29pm in my town, and it looked like 1pm. This game has crazy exaggeration. :3

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