Monday, June 17, 2013

Day Four and Five

Arghh exams are taking over my life! I've had hardly any time to post on my blog and it's depressing me! :( It's hard enough to find time to play my game and keep up with Shantaki, but the good news is that I only have two more exams to go! :D

Days four and, I'm behind!

I logged on this morning to find two things - I can start developing my town with public works projects (YAY!) and that Kapp'n was at my dock to escort me to the island (DOUBLE YAY!) 

As soon as I got to the island, I jumped in the water and went swimming!! I was really excited from the beginning that we could swim in this game, after all. :D 

I caught many creatures as well - the whale shark was my favorite! My character had a little bit of a freak out when I caught it. :3 The sea star was so cute too!
Ahah you can make our character do so many different emotions in this game - even without Dr. Shrunk's help! I got stung by a jellyfish shortly after I got in the water, typical, and I tried to swim on land here.--->

Then I went on some tours! There's so many you can choose from - I'm really excited to try them all with friends over WiFi! ^^

And my townsfolk think it's funny to ignore me to think by themselves. -,- I must talk to them too much, too often because Chief, Margie, and Portia all ditched me to think today...

Omg, okay. It was raining in my town pretty much all day today and I went to main street to find Digby standing alone in the rain with his rain jacket on! I felt so bad for him! :( No matter rain or shine, he has to stand in the rain alone, and I hardly ever visit him - so I feel super bad for him! :( If only I could build a shelter for him as a town project!

My first painting! And I'm not sure why this is so special - but it's a nice self portrait, beside a portrait! :3

Umm, Kapp'n please leave.

Ready to dive! (Y)

Omg, when I got home from the island, (it was still raining), and I caught the coelacanth!! I was super surprised! 

I went over to Miagen later that night, (surprise, surprise), and I talked to 'Miagen's Isabelle'. She knew who I was?

Then we went to my sister's island (first day for her too) and explored! :D

And we went swimming. ^^

And we went touring! ^^ Though it seems every time, she beats me! I guess that's because I'm distracted with all the flowers and fruit the surrounding islands hold. :3

I woke up to find Phineas standing on my little over-look-thingy! I got three medals! 50% for each encyclopedia! :D Though, I'm not sure where my insect picture's in my scrapbook, just not here. :3

Aww, a nice photo with Pete to start the day as well. (:

Oh! I also made a new character today! His name's Noah, and I felt the need to make him to see what life in Shantaki's like as a boy's perspective. :)

Classy. This is the game's way of keeping Noah out of the Nookling Junction for the time being?

I took out Ryann again after that to go night time fish/bug hunting on the island. I caught a ray! They're so cute. :3 

Anndd I went on so many tours that I saved up 50 medals to become a Club Tortimer member! Not too sure what that gives me at the moment, but I'm sure it will come in handy later if it was 50 medals!

As I came home for the night, I took a stroll down the beach to plant some fruit from the island. My screen moved up on me and I got the chance to see my garden! It's so pretty! ^^ I'm hoping they'll breed me something nice for me to wake up to. :D


  1. I felt bad for Digby too, it's been raining a lot in my town and he's out there all day without an umbrella, just a rain jacket. Poor guy!
    Wow, congrats on the painting, I haven't gotten one of those yet! And on the coelacanth as well, I caught one of those too the other day :D
    Your lily garden does look pretty, good luck with growing hybrids! I got an orange lily yesterday, I'd love to get a pink one sometime.

    1. It's been raining a lot here, too! It must be the the rainy season...though I miss hearing the music for each hour - it's all chime-y when it rains. :p Thanks! Oh, lucky! I set up a crazy amount of lilies to breed, and on occasion they'll only breed another yellow lily! Help! :( Omg, yeah! The pink lilies are so pretty! :)