My Dream Diary

Aika Village:

So, I visited Aika Village sometime this past week, and it was incredible. Part of me wishes I could do this with my town, but ruining my town and shoving all my neighbors in a corner isn't exactly my cup of tea.

Before I get started, I'm just gonna warn everyone that this is a <SPOILER ALERT!> I highly recommend that if you haven't visited this village, that you do so before you read this post. I think it would be way more inspiring if you saw it in first-person perspective then just by reading it on someone's blog. Anyways, if you have been there, please read on, and I hope you enjoy my thoughts on Aika Village! Since the creator of the village refuses to reveal the actual scenario, there are many very different theories, and I'd be very pleased to read what you thought as well! :D

I woke up surrounded by an interesting pattern displayed on the town tree pavement. There was a present waiting for me, so I jumped out of bed and picked it up. Hmm...a doll. I don't like where this is going...dolls already give me the creeps. :s However, my sister said this was really well done, and she has high standards, therefore it must be worth it. (^-^d)

I waltzed up to the first house, (and the creator made it really obvious, since there's only one bridge in town, so you must enter from the north). Hmm, seems like a playroom. Looks innocent enough, but I can see where this is going, hahha..maybe another story like Chucky the evil clown doll thing?? :O :S

Okay, so I didn't take pictures of everything because I didn't have thoughts on all the rooms, and you can explore them yourselves. :) Arghh, after I escaped the first house alive, I came across a complicated maze with lots of cracks, holes, and greenery. I had no patience for following a specific maze, so I decided to find my own way out. HAHA,don't do that. I probably fell in 15 pitfalls while I was there, no exaggerations. :| The creator made it CLEAR that you need not to venture away from the story.

Uhm, creepy...a gathering of creepy, creepy dolls. :s If this wasn't in Aika Village, however, it might have a chance at being cute. :P

AHH! Let me out!! THIS DOLL HAS AN AXE. :"(

I ran, RAN I TELL YOU. And came across lots of half-grown bamboo, rotten turnips spewed everywhere, and a Dizzy. xD Way to ruin the atmosphere, dude. :P

I didn't even know this was possible? Apparently, you can shake all the trees' leaves off in the fall! Cool, but not for Shantaki. :P

As some may know, I can't speak Japanese, (which is a disappointment ;.;), so I didn't have a clue what she was saying. My sister said she had translated it, and had a thought for what each character was saying. Character One: 'I love my mommy." Character Two: "I love" Character Three: " m-m-m-...." Character Four: "asdfghjkl" So, my theory for this was that the doll was maybe taking over her and she was perhaps putting hatred for her parents into the little girl so the doll would be the only thing the little girl loved.

OMG, this was the best room. Okay, so this was a maze of large bookshelves, and it was quite hard to navigate around. :P First...a way to safely get around that doll with the axe,in fear she might lash out at me for going past her...:s Not to mention, I heard a 'WHEE-OO WHEE-OO' sound as I was wandering around, and it would change pitch and volume depending on where I was in the room. It was legit creepy, and I hadn't a clue what it was. :|

Oh...its a machine? Well, I turned that off, that's enough out of you. Now, I could peacefully explore the room. Ehh, bad choice of words, it will never be peaceful in Aika Village. And then there was that suspicious water bird rocking back and forth too - I can't win!

How's it going, Dolly? To be honest, I don't even know how the creator got the TV to do the snowflake-y thing. But it looks like the doll is mesmerized, so he/she did a good job making this atmosphere.

It looks as if the doll is playing alone, and the little girl has passed. I mean, the girl's bed has an outline of a human, (usually signifying a crime scene), and if I remember correctly, this room didn't have music? Oh,'cept for the bird with sheet music in front of it haha, don't really get how that belongs. xD

It was certainly entertaining to converse with the townsfolk of Aika Village, since they were basically the comedy relief. However, I wasn't too sure that Spork DIDN'T belong here...or he was just acting or something?

I'm really kind of ruining it by putting it up, because it's definitely not as epic as I would've liked. -,- Though, what Spork says seems logical, I mean, it would take a LONG time to develop all these rotten turnips, wait for fall to develop the trees, get all the items, all the houses, weeds, collection of get it. So, naturally, the creator would be a time traveler.

Perhaps she needs to tidy up her room! I'm assuming, however, that's the least of her worries at this point in the story. xD I believe this is the fourth house as well. Not that much input on this room, only that it signifies that everything is falling apart and nothing's going right.

Oh,deary. Bye, bye. At this point, I'm accusing the doll. I mean, who wouldn't? The doll has an axe, (not to mention, a mischievous smile on her face :/ ), and the girl is scratched out of every picture. Orrr, maybe the doll has taken the soul of the little girl and they are living in alone in a very dreary, miserable type of lifestyle. Anyways, the point of this room is either to say that the girl is out of the picture for good, (no longer part of a family and happy), or she's dead, ahh. :s

Again, with the pitfalls! It was really, super inconvenient! -,- I walked in the police station as well, but I don't remember what was in there,I don't think anything related to the story, or the creator wouldn't have put all these DANG PITFALLS around there. -,-

Aww, omg! I can't really decide if this piggy is cute or not! I think I want it! Him, her, it, whatever. :P 

Yes, feel my impatience, piggy, you wouldn't believe how irritating it is. -,- Or, maybe you would believe it? After all, he's trapped by holes, pitfalls, and bushes so he won't wander and ruin the experience for all the dreamers wanting to visit this town...poor piggy! :(

Why don't we end with me falling in ANOTHER pitfall trap?! 

Actually, I'll end by just recapping the story that I imagined while I was walking the village of Aika. So, I think the child was part of a happy family consisting of her, her dog, and her parents. She received a doll one day, and slowly became more interested in the doll than her normal life. That was the first house's scenario. 

In the second house, there were black and green men running around in the main room. I think this is the stage where the little girl was either going insane, or the doll was taking over her spirit. 

The third house was all about her terrors that she was having while the doll was taking over, I believe. There were multiple mazes, have it be in the house or around the village, and there seemed to always be that one doll with the axe in her hand or behind her back. She was an evil doll for sure. 

The fourth house was the most tragic, as the story was coming to an end. The doll has killed her parents and dog, leaving herself to be the only thing in the little girl's life anymore. I think the doll killed everyone out of jealousy that maybe the little girl would never love the doll as much as family, because after all, she was only a doll, and she would eventually grow out of her.

Well, I think the girl was so upset that she committed suicide on the beach, as all the life was pretty much sucked out of her. In Japan, it is common courtesy to take off your shoes before committing suicide, and that would explain why the dreamer would find red shoes sitting alone on the beach. On a part of the beach that you can't get to, the doll has buried the little girl and surrounded her with things that make up her life. The doll makes sure no one can get to her, because after all, the whole story behind Aika Village was that the doll wanted the girl ALL TO HERSELF. 

At least, that's my perspective on things. ^^ I'll definitely make a trip back to Aika Village at some point, because it was SO well done, and it'll be interesting to connect to the village all the theories I have heard since I visited. :)

Dream Code: 2600-0218-7298

A highly recommended dream for all of yous that enjoy spooky stories. ^^


  1. Aika Village is definitely a really creative and a really creepy village. By the way, here is a bit of info. The dead trees are actually perfect fruit trees that stopped producing fruit, since perfect trees will die after a certain amount of harvests. Oh, and that machine in the maze, if I'm thinking of the right item, is a machine that's used to detect paranormal activities, which is pretty creepy.

    1. Woops, forgot to post my name! It's Jasper from Windfall!

    2. Oh, I guess that makes sense! Ahh, that is soo creeppyy omg. :O Thanks for the info! ^^