Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June 29 & June 30: Club LOL

So this is just going to be a small post - these pictures were actually from before camp, but I didn't have time to blog about them before I went.
My tree is growing bigger! I'm sure all of your trees look like this by now, since this was a while ago, haha woot. :$

I had heard from Choco's blog that waking up Gulliver with a megaphone was entertaining, so I decided to try it for myself. If you ever see Gulliver passed out on your beach, this is definitely the way to wake him up. xD

Something was happening above the Able Sisters'! No surprise here, though. As every other construction that has taken place, I already knew what was coming. Though, if I didn't, I would've thought it was GracieGrace! :O

Andd, Club LOL opened today! The first one I got for Ryann was sneezing, and I'm not sure I would've wanted to go back to another show of his...all he did was sneeze.:/ Then he told us he had human allergies...like what ARE you, Shrunk?!

I got the QR Code machine today, as well! It followed with a mannequin for Ryann as well. I guess both of my players are besties with Sable now! ^^

I was so surprised when I smacked the money rock today! I had just bought a silver shovel from my museum gift shop, and heard that it gives you a better chance to get more money out of the money rock each day. I thought it meant like 200-16 000 Bells on occasion, but it actually meant gems instead of money!

Tonight was also Saturday night, which other Wild World players also know as K.K. Slider's night in the Club. Ryann got K.K. Milonga, and Noah got K.K. Groove. Unfortunately, your first K.K. show had to be a random show, but fortunately, the ones he picked for my characters were both ones I enjoyed. :)

June 30:
Ah-hah! I hoped this would be turning up soon, but I was shocked it was so early! I guess it's because your museum fills up quicker in this game since you get four fossils a day (and three tikis/gyroids per day). I'm excited to start working part-time here, as well. :D Oh, by the way, this old acquaintance is Brewster, the owner of the coffee shop, for those of you who haven't gotten this yet. :3

Hmm, Isabelle are you a little confused? There's...umm...no one here. It was only like 7am, too! Where are they all?? This was the celebration for he campsite, by the way. I'm really excited to get villagers come for a day and hang out with them! 

I decided to make K.K. Milonga into a music box after finding a giant clam shell on the beach. It's really creepy as a music box - and to think I have it in my mermaid room...xD

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