Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shantaki has risen!

Ahhh I'm falling behind in posting! Everyone's blogs have OMG AC:NF and I'm like NOT ENOUGH TIME TO PLAY AND BLOG! Promise I'll blog more after these exams are over though!

ANYWAYS, Shantaki has risen! And it's beautiful. (': Honestly the layout was the second option on my radar! Though I didn't have many expectations for my town. :3

So lets start from Day One....ahh where do I begin? Oh yes, I was crowned mayor of Shantaki. :D

After I got my introduction to Shantaki out of the way, I thought the next thing I should do is meet my villagers! I started out with Portia, Kidcat, Drake, Chief, and Margie. I was really surprised that none of these were new characters to me - they were all from Wild World!

It's not that I was disappointed, though! I was quite excited that I had Portia in my town! The way she sung the starting town tune in Wild World was so funny, after all. xD

Drake was a surprise too! I secretly always wanted the only somewhat realistic duck in my town. :3 Though he's turned out as a creepy one! But he's cute - and is constantly calling me his big sister, so maybe he's just lonely. :D

So I explored around in my town a little more and found my town hall! I find this music absolutely hysterical! I guess my town color is red now...since my layout decided my town hall and train station were going to be red. :)

My town fruit is cherries, by the way!

I was so surprised when I came across a rock that shattered right in front of my eyes! The first thing I thought was that my rock disappeared! Would one replenish it tomorrow? Would all my rocks eventually just disappear and never come back? I definitely wasn't expecting this, but a silver nugget replaced the smashed rock! I was only looking for the money rock, after all.

And I seems that I couldn't get these balloons to stop TROLLING ME! They made an obnoxious sound as they whizzed right over my head, taunting the fact that I didn't have a slingshot. -,- There had to be 5 or 6 balloons that flew by today - though that's what you get for being outside for so long.

Oops, I forgot to mention the time when I dragged Nook all over town to find a place for my 'house'. Though he really only gave me a tent to live in. Good thing the  fee for upgrading is only $10 000! I could scrounge up that money in my sleep! It's pretty easy to become a Bell-ionare in this game! I ended up choosing a house by the beach, where I could be alone. Tom Nook said it was a good space, so I shouldn't worry. (:

Two things happened in my Retail as I went in too! I walked in to find Timmy talking to Reese, and I was overwhelmed by his cuteness as he was leaving - I just had to take a picture! Also, when I was snooping around inside, I tried to talk to Cyrus, the blue llama, and jumped out of my seat! Apparently I'm not supposed to wake him up because he's tired from working during the night, but like Reese's yelling at me didn't already have waken him. -,-

I was pleased to find that fireflies were selling big at my Retail today! Reese paid $9 600 for every batch of 16 that I brought in - so you can imagine how much money I got! I went shopping after that, paid off my mortgage and now I have a significant amount in my bank! I hope she'll give me that offer again soon! :D

The night sky in New Leaf is soo beautiful! And just the mood of the night is so soothing as well - it makes me want to become nocturnal! That marks the end of my first day in Shantaki - I'll post day two tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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