Tuesday, January 7, 2014



You can save up to 72 designs FOR EACH PLAYER!!

If you have 4 players, you can save WHOPPING 288 DESIGNS OMG!

-Talk to Mabel
-Click Save Designs option
-Drag out-of-season clothing/landscaping into boxes

Early December - SNOW (AND) MEN!

December 1:
Portia approached me with an idea of the hot spring! I think I will use this in my town at some point.

Flora moved in! Her house is totally pink, probably flooded with lovely furniture on the inside too.

Oh man, she's cute!

I have a feeling this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :D

December 5:
First stringfish of the season! I feel like stringfish and dung beetles are a lot more common in New Leaf compared to Wild World. Those were always the last to get on my browsers. (I also feel that scorpions and tarantulas were more common in Wild World though, hmm).

AHH yes, I was looking forward to this! I only just found out (it being January in my town currently) that this is also the zen bridge, so it took me a bit to get my second wooden bridge in. I should have known that this was instead of the zen bridge since a cranky suggested it.

I built my first bridge, thinking this was just an upgrade from the wooden suspension bridge, waiting for the zen bridge to come along later. How foolish.

Catalog Maniac Bronze badge with Felicity!

Village Representative badge with Felicity!

December 8:

First snowflake too! I was a little unsure what to do with them at the beginning but it didn't take me long to discover their purpose.

The wooden bridge was completed and surprisingly I did the celebration for the project within the same week it was built! xD

December 9:
I took out my original bridge to get rid of the cobblestone-ness. I'm planning to put in a brick bridge in the same place as soon as Isabelle's ready.

Ouu I wonder what this means! Is it possible to have a blizzard in Animal Crossing??

December 10:
I can't believe I let my guard down with villagers! But really, EVERY morning when you have 9 villagers is when you have to check with that random new save file to see if there is any danger of your path/town-being. I don't like the uncertainty when you have 9 villagers, because one won't fill it in within a week of someone moving out like if you have 8 villagers, a new villager will come in when one from one of your most visited town will move in when they choose to move out from that town. This is the only unfortunate thing about connecting almost everyday with my sister. We both get each others' castoffs every time! (Charlise is this villager, a castoff from Cassidy). I have Charlise, Lucha and Opal from her town and she has/used to have Ruby, Renee, Joey, Monique and Kidcat. >.<

December 11:
YAY snow's finally on my ground! Must have been because that huge snowstorm. ;) I guess that's all the bulletin board was trying to say, enough snow will fall to cover the ground.

SNOWMEN! I was looking forward to this for quite a bit! The winter season in AC is always action-packed it seems. ;)

The trees look so pretty! I wonder why they're still orange though? Maybe it's because they wouldn't look so pretty if they didn't have any leaves, and green leaves are for summer. :P

December 12:
My brick bridge was built! I guess I'll have to wait for spring to see how it look without the snow. :)

Hmm, first dung beetle! As I was saying earlier, I was surprised in the moment, but after that they just kept appearing...

Brick bridge celebration, and no one showed up...oh. It's 6am people, GET UP! ;)

The sky froze again tonight! Also known as the aurora borealis. :)
How rude! Charlise I'mma kick you out for that.
I didn't end up catching the first dung beetle, so I was still surprised with this one. xD It's after this..

Lucha's birthday also happened to be today! I didn't get him a present, oops. I've been brutal for birthdays because there were so many around November-ish! But at least I showed up for Lucha's.

First snowman happened to be a snowmam! However, I failed at making her perfect, so I have to pay her 5 snowflakes for each ice series item. -,-

By the end of the night, the sky was really prominent. I can't remember if they had these in Wild World, but if they did, it wasn't as good as this. The colors in New Leaf are so much brighter in general, and the aurora borealis looks especially nice in 3D. :D

December 13: (pictures are out of order and the initiative to fix that is m.i.a.)
Visited Miagen for it's fortune-telling shop. Still surprised to see that Katrina hasn't asked me about moving into Shantaki yet...soon I hope!

Oh boy...I was supposed to connect with Amy today, and this is indeed the route I need to take to stop falling. This is embarrassing.
Amy came over with Estel today!

Laughed at Cassidy's snowmam every time I passed it...LOLL!

WHOA I didn't know the geyser did that! I think I might just have to have one of these in my town though! However, I was confused after the fact at why the water didn't freeze? :s

We all gathered at Citalune too! (Out of order, as I said earlier. There are pictures of me in Miagen with Cassidy, me in Citalune with Cassidy and Estel, and me in Shantaki with Estel - sorry!)

Amy and her rainbow flowers just  blow my town away, bYE!

I really love her town hall entrance!

Mostly under construction..? Well I guess my house would be non-existent according to Amy's standards. xD

She did an excellent job matching this path to her bridge! Amy, if you're reading this, you've got talent, girl!

Very pretty meadow thing instead of her cobblestone stuff on her Town Plaza. I might just have to copy her, so I'll give her full credit now.

Love what she did with her bathroom! Her town's like a Greek, mythical, astrological (is that even a word? :O) palace!

Finished her streetlamp for her too. :)

December 14:
Fishing Tourney today!
Made my first snow man! I still find the music when you're playing bingo to be very entertaining. :D It was nice that I didn't know anything about the Snowmen, so bingo came as a pleasant surprise. :)

Enjoy this dialogue...
This is what happens when I got to the island in search for Club Tortimer exclusives... I had some fish too, and these two just wouldn't move, then one of the knobs turned off...fab.
But then I ran into some normal people, one who was quite talented at making dresses...

And one who I twinned with weeee! I got the striped swimsuit as well, by the way! :D

Fish Encyclopedia badge for Ryann!

StreetPass Beginner for Ryann!

First swim in Shantaki for Ryann!

Am I the only one that get these two mixed up? Occupations and names??

December 15:
Anyone care to explain to me why lights are only put on some of the cedar trees? Did Isabelle run out or..?

My snowmam/snowman family. :D

Seems that his family is the only thing that matters to Snowtyke. I haven't made another one since.