Friday, June 21, 2013

Days 10 and 11

When I was roaming around in my town in the morning, I found a mitten on the ground, and immediately thought of Katie, though I'm not sure why. I picked it up and it was labelled 'lost item'. I had never heard of these! I searched around for the owner, and it was Phil's. He just gave me a present, like he would if I was running an errand for him. I guess it's a neat feature that they added?

Also, I finished a little fence that I can use for flowers or item exchanging. We had another lovely ceremony, how nice. :D

I went over to Drake's house later that day, and something really strange happened! I was talking to him, and he told me to look in his drawers. So, I did. Usually, they just say weird things when you click on them, because naturally you're not going to be able to actually creep their drawers. But then it told me that he had a hammock stored in there, and shortly after, Drake got angry at me for opening them! But he ended up giving me the hammock anyways..? I feel like I've messed that story up, but I wasn't exactly paying attention to him until my character got all excited about receiving the hammock. :s 

Then I took another cool shot while jumping off the dock on my beach. ^^

And I got a scallop diving! It was actually really creepy how he just popped up behind me! Then he gave me an anchor, and gave me advice. Or what he called advice. All he said is that he'd love to be a millionaire, when I'm pretty sure everyone is. And advice is supposed to help people. This just reminds them that they don't have money. :s Then he floated away. Strange man.

It was raining in my town, as usual, but this time I used it to my advantage. :D Noah got a chance to catch a coelacanth! So he did, and I was proud. :3

And I ended the day by going to the island and touring. :) This waterfall made me think of Amy, how she's able to take pictures with her waterfall in the background, head on. I'm quite jealous of that. I'm actually jealous of a lot of things....hmm, probably not a good thing :3

Day 11:
I walked into Main Street this morning to find more construction happening in my town! Again, no surprise to what this is, I've seen it in others' towns. It's Kicks! And I'm super excited about him moving in! That means I can go SHOE SHOPPING! :D But apparently he takes 3 days to move in, so I'll be waiting a few days. :(

What?? Phil! I didn't know they planned when they moved out! Of course I said no to this, but I haven't even got all my people moved into my town, so how is this possible?? Plus, I would be sad if any of my villagers moved out, I'm pleased with everyone that's moved in! :)

And then I decided to take a photo shoot of Ryann on the bridge. I'm not too sure why, I guess I just needed to show the world her outfit, I think I did a good job pairing it. :D
Isabelle was sleeping when I came into the Town Hall! But, I knew it was coming. In fact, I went looking for her to be sleeping, because now I get the Dream Suite opportunity for Shantaki! Really excited about this! ^^

I tested out Club Tortimer for my first time today as well! It's a really neat feature - you can pick to go to North America (for where I live), or go worldwide. There are positives to both, actually! If you go only in your country, you know most of the people there will  speak your language. And worldwide: you might go to a different time zone! Possibly where it's night time, and you're free to late-night bug catch-- during the day! Anyways, I met a Japenese (^) who I really couldn't understand. :( I think I made her angry, so sorry for that. :s I also met a guy named Tyson (if I remember correctly), and he's with me in the left picture. I liked his wet suit! At the top, I went to an island where three people were already there, me making it maximum capacity for people at a time! When I came out, they were twirling around on stumps - cute! Their names were Alicia, Chris, and Robert!

After experimenting with that, I WiFied with Ck! Her character's name was Cheryl, and she seemed really friendly! However, I talked to her villagers, and they were creepy! Ahh, ahah!

Ahh, I was pretty jealous of her beach too - it has a little cove that you can plant banana and coconut palms on! Or possibly flowers, but I'm not sure who would want flowers on their beach. :3

After I was finished creeping, I helped Cheryl catch a diving beetle! She said she's never caught them, which was strange, because I see them quite a bit in my town! They are really tricky to catch!

I also took advantage of the fact that BlueBell, (her town), was actually currently in July, so I caught myself a banded dragonfly! Not sure how easy they are in this game, but if I remember correctly, banded dragonflies would speed away from you when spotted, and it was irritating. >.< And look at the size of one of her holding ponds! I've never seen one so BIG!

Oh, and I bought a lovely megaphone while I was over there too, and my villagers should watch out I've got POWER! >:D

After a while, Cheryl came over to Shantaki, and we took a nice picture together in front of the fountain. :) 

She really scared me when she popped up with "OMG!" I was like whaatt?? And apparently she loves Kidcat. Can't blame her-- he's a pretty cool guy! ^^

Aww, twinzies! Haha, not literally, but she helped me water my flowers, which was nice :3, and we looked off into the distance together as we came up from watering - dramatic shot! ;)

Then we scooted over to my island, and I tried on her wig. :) Hmm, nah. She offered to let me have it, but it looks way better on her! Plus, I felt like I was stealing, since I asked her to let me try it on for my catalog. :$

Ahhhh these things scare me! We went on a spider crab diving tour, (that I picked, and I'm not too sure why), and we did well! :) It was hard when I tried to do it with Club Tortimer members.

Then, Cheryl had to go home, so Kapp'n escorted us back across the ocean. It was really nice to connect with you today, Ck!

Ohh, and did my villagers ever hear me coming with my megaphone when I was off of WiFi. Unfortunately, you can't use it over WiFi. :( 

So I yelled at them through the microphone on my 3DS, a cool feature for finding your towns members quickly! Portia and Kidcat looked really surprised, and I got a kick out of that, but Phil definitely got te worst. I yelled in his face ahaha, and he didn't seem to like it. xD Sorry, Phil!

I WASN'T happy you couldn't use it on Main Street either. I wanted to see if Kapp'n could hear me nooww! 

And then I went to the museum and looked at my donations. This was actually the first time I had been down there, and it was really pretty! So I snapped a shot in front of my lovely sharks. ^^

Phineas showed up, and I got the Bronze Medalist badge! I guess touring lots pays off!

OMG. HOLY FRICK APPLE IS CUTE. She's a pink little chipmunk - how much more adorable can she get?! I want her, omg! And she was trying to be 'SO very cute' today, like YOU ALREADY ARE YOU LITTLE BALL OF FLUFF! :D

Man, that was a long post. :O I guess a lot happened these two days. I did go over to Cheryl's twice in a day, and I found out some strange things that can occur in New Leaf. Ehh, these were two good, eventful days in Shantaki. (Y)


  1. Hahaha. I love the part about Apple. XD It made me laugh. Idk why. XD trade apple for kidcat... maybe. nah. APPLE ES MINE!

    1. Aww, thanks! I would definitely do that trade! But don't tell might have an effect on our relationship. :3

  2. Wow, that cove in Cheryl's town is awesome! I didn't get to see her beach when I went, I'll have to go see that the next time I go to Bluebell. I think I have a little cove as well, but it's a lot smaller... maybe room for two palm trees. :P
    Woah, another coelacanth, congratulations!
    These new posts of yours were a lot of fun to read! ^_^

    1. Yeah! I could do so much with that cove! :) Aww! Even a cove at all is nice! My sister has a small one too...and she has like a palm tree entrance and everything to her dock. I'm so jealous! >.< Oohh, thank you, Amy! :D