Monday, August 5, 2013

Man, I have catching up to do!

Oh, dear, it seems I am a month behind in posting! I've been away at camp, and then on a vacation, so please excuse my absence! :O The next few posts are going to be long and full of pictures, as a result, so I shall apologize in advance!

Oh, Drake. This is why I love lazy ducks. :)

Ahh, this is ancient! This picture was when takeout coffee was new, hahah.

And the 5 million Bells I got from the turnips when connecting over WiFi that one CRAZY day! (The 5 million Bells is not all in that picture there, though. ;) )

July 10:
Ahh, my first takeout coffee!

PHIL! Where are you when I need you?! Eh, those darn bees - this is how I solve things. :D

And this is where the wicked WiFi day comes in! :D I had a blast, so I'll thank all of the participants in advance! Oh, and, the picture above is of, (from left to right), Estel, me, and Will. :)
  1. Estel from Citalune
  2. Cheryl from BlueBell
  3. Cassidy from Miagen
  4. Will from Silkdale
  5. Liam from Capella
  6. Kiki from Meadow

First up, we had, (from left to right), Will, Estel, me, and Kiki! I was over in Citalune when I met Kiki and Will for the first time. :)

Then, I scooted to Belltune, as she had opened her gate because she time traveled to Sunday for turnips. I met the legendary Vella there, too! I fangirled over her for a minute. :3

I don't think she quite understood, and she started fangirling at my fangirling...haha! So, I guess you could say that we were fangirling over Apple in the background, because I've done that, too. ;)

When going back to Citalune, it seems that a few of us were fighting to get in! Not literally, 'cause we're all friends, haha. xD But Citalune is popular, especially with the turnip prices that day, so I was lucky to catch the last spot! However, Kiki no longer was there, and Liam showed up in her place! I sold my first batch of turnips, and then we played a little game with some neat items I had stored up from game play in Shantaki. Everyone seemed to like it, which was good! I have more items stored up now than last time, so I'll be eager to host another game sometime soon! :D

Then, being my greedy self, I hiked back over to Belltune again, and bought some more turnips. I couldn't help taking a picture of this part of town, as well, it's very pretty! :)

And her lighthouse is looking good, too! :) Those Jacob's Ladders too!>>

Oouu, her house is a mansion! A mermaid/fairy tale castle, actually! Looks nice, CK! :)

Hide-and-seek in her hybrid-rose-bamboo shoot-area! :)

AHH, her hybrids spilling out onto her beach, as well! I think she had at least ten of each kind, and they looked so pretty! 

Anndd, she let me have one! She let me have a black rose, and in exchange I gave her my silver axe. :)

Returning to Citalune, I decided I should probably get a picture to PROVE the high turnip prices! Just kidding. 

After returning home, I decided to invite Estel, Liam, and Will over to Shantaki. However, because of inconvenient time zone differences, Will had to sleep, so Cassidy decided to come over instead. I gave them a tour of my house, first. Trolling Cassidy, Liam and I cornered her and started sneezing on her...real mature, right? 

Ouu, my hybrid storage. Liam and Estel were fooling around on the bouncy balloon bed, naturally.

Then, on our way through town, we stopped at the fountain to take a group picture. :) Kind of a tradition whenever I get together with people. ^ ^

Next up was Noah's house. Guys, PLEASE touch EVERYTHING. I'd LOVE that.

Then, Liam told us something REALLY important about himself, and I was glad he trusted us with his real age. 150. It's a milestone, dude, so congrats. :)

Lastly, we went to the island. I was the first to hop in the boat, naturally, as I was the host and I paid. Estel and Cassidy happily skipped down the slope behind me, but Liam 'brb'ed us !:O 

I was scheming with Cassidy and Estel in the boat with Kapp'n to see how we could drag Liam down to the dock without having him on his 3DS. I decided I would push him all the way down here, but it appears he was in the basement. -,-

THEN HE CAME; scuttling down to the island wearing his bear cap (that I still don't have to this day because of all the WiFi crashes that day).

Ahhh, now we can all go to the island. :)

WiFi crashed on us AGAINNN, and that's when I opened my gate again. I believe something came up with Will, so I invited Cheryl over instead. Before we did anything, though, we prayed to the Internet Gods that WiFi wouldn't crash...and to our surprise, it worked! :D 

We took a photo together on the bridge, like usual, and I was very surprised to see I had caught all of us 'shocking' at once! We had the back two do the 'shock' emotion, because I didn't have it, and we had the front two do 'disbelief' emotion, because Estel didn't have it. It turned out really well, though! 

Then, we set off to the island - in the pooey water! ^ ^

We did quite a few tours - they were all really fun! We started with the labyrinth tour, but we failed...haha awkward. Nobodies fault - those labyrinth tours are always confusing!

Next, we did the dragonfly tour, or the big dragonfly tour, should I say. The point was to catch the 'hardest' dragonflies of all: the banded dragonfly and the petaltail dragonfly. Though, they really weren't hard...

Lastly, we did the elite fossil hunt tour, which was pretty hard. Nobodies fault, again, we just had to be more organized to be able to each claim a house to fill, etc. So we tried again, and won, yay! (^-^d)

I can't remember what happened to Cheryl, eeeek whoops! :O But Cassidy, Estel, and I ended up in Club LOL at someone's town...ahh I can't remember! Oh well, it was a great WiFi, and we should definitely do it again soon. ^ ^

Oh yeah, it must've been Citalune! Because we're not doonne! >:) I checked out the entrance of her house, and it's so nice! Though, I bet Amy's reading this thinking 'wow, my house has changed so much!' But remember, this post is from like a month ago! :P

July 11:

Avid Bell Saver, Amateur & Pro Turnip Trader badges with Ryann today!

Stay tuned for another post, because it'll be coming soon! I've got a lot of catching up to do, after all!


  1. Ah, that WiFi day was a lot of fun! ^_^ I'm glad you were able to make so much money off of my turnip price that day! Btw, I noticed that you referred to CK's town Bluebell as Choco's town Belltune a few times by mistake. Their town names do both start with B and have 8 letters, haha. :P The game you hosted, exploring Shantaki, doing the tours on the island... all of it was a lot of fun! I like how you avoided saying the labyrinth tour was my fault, haha, but it totally was. I got really lost and confused and was the only one still looking for a fruit. :P

    Wow, congratulations on those badges! I haven't read a list of all the different badges available, so it's always interesting for me to see what ones other people post about getting. Like "ooh cool, a badge exists for that" :P

    1. It was a very busy day, haha! Ouu, sister pointed that out too, I shall go change it! ;)

      The labyrinth tour wasn't your fault! It wasn't your fault you got lost, and that you had the fruit that we couldn't find! I was just picking up every fruit I found, so it's not like you just didn't try hard! :P

      Yeah, I thought so! It might get a little old posting it for each of my characters, though! ^ ^