Friday, July 12, 2013

July 7 & 8 - Evil Campers

Ah-hah! I checked the bulletin board this morning and found a post from July 5th, explaining the mass amount of rain that everyone's been getting in late June. I was pleased to see this - New Leaf isn't always just rain! (^-^d)

I saw that a new coffee shop had opened up in place of Lloid once I paid it off - I guess that wasn't a surprise, though. I was actually on time for the ceremony as well! :3

I experienced my first game of hide-n-seek in New Leaf today! I was happy to see that they didn't take that mini-game out from when it was invented in City Folk - though I thought having tours on the island might have replaced being able to play hide-n-seek in your hometown as well.

Phineas also showed up today, equipped with three badges in mind for Ryann and Noah. Ryann got the Backyard Gardener & Skilled Bug Catcher badges, while Noah got the Seafood Maniac badge. ^^

Ughh, today was not a good hair day for Noah, either. I tried to get a nice blonde hairstyle, and I got burned with grey. On top of that, I got a comb-over hairstyle, or what resembles a comb-over with that grey hair. You've seen better days, Noah.

So I slapped a hat on his unfortunate hair and headed down to jam out alone in Club LOL. There's not much to do in there, but t was my first time, so I learned all the new dance movies and enjoyed hearing how K.K. had put together a mix of all his songs in party form.

I caught you, Kapp'n! Usually, this wouldn't be too funny, but this was taken when I tried to rush his song. He got offended, and said this. What he says here is usually rude, so as soon as the words are all on the screen, a circle eats up the screen, sowing that you have arrived at your destination. But I caught him! And it isn't an easy task, so I guess I was proud, ahah. :) 

Tonight was a great night for giant stags! By the end of the night, I had seen 10 of them, but only caught 6. 5 appeared on the island, and 5 appeared in Shantaki! :O And to think this is supposed to be the rarest tree bug!!

To end the night, Noah decides he will give up on catching scorpions. It is simply no use. >.< I just get So nervous when I see them, and it's all over in a flash!

July 8:
Today I saw that Shantaki's campsite was being used for the first time!

I stepped inside to see Moe pacing around the tiny tent. You're so cute, Moe, of course I want you to move here! I should be careful with who I invite, because someone new will come each week, and I don't especially want anybody in my town to move away. :s

A rare occurrence happened while I was shopping in Main Street today - or at least I haven't seen it happen before! It's raining, believe it or not. It's, I suppose, a sun shower! :D You can hardly notice it in this picture, but if you look at the ground and on the stairs up to Shampoodle's, perhaps you will notice streaks of rain. 

After the shower passed, a beautiful rainbow decided it would come out for the first time in Shantaki! I'm still awaiting to see a double rainbow. :3

This was crazy, OMG. Ok, so I was new to this whole 'camper' thing in my town, but I was interested to see what Moe said to me after inviting him to move into Shantaki. It appears that you can play mini-games with the campers, however, I learned the hard way that they are bigger ripper-offers than Crazy Redd. :O I tried all three of Moe's mini-games, which kept me busy for 2 hours, if you can believe that! In the end, I decided I NEEDED to leave, as I had spent 91 000 Bells on Moe, and yes, I was keeping track. I did all the jazzy math needed, and figured out that each item he sold me, (or forced me to buy), was worth $3 060 Bells on average, seeing that I'd received 30 items by the time I was finished with him. I laid them all out on my beach, as you can see. Woww. O.o So, I do recommend you make the purchase of a campsite, however don't fall into the same trap I did. Play with the campers for a bit, but really, their tents are casinos - you really are gambling when playing with them.


  1. Congratulations on the cafe! :D You put it in a gorgeous location, in that nook of the river with the lilies. When we WiFied there were so many other places to go to (the island, character houses, etc.), but I half wanted to just hang out in that area for a while, it was so pretty! <3 I'm *still* deciding where to put the cafe. >_< Being such an important building, and permanent, it makes me nervous.

    Oh cool, I don't think I've ever seen rain in an otherwise sunny sky! I wouldn't mind rain as much in that case. The rainbow is of course pretty too, I'm glad you got one! :) I hope to see a double rainbow sometime as well.

    I haven't built the campsite yet so I'm not sure what the mini-games are like, thanks for the warning. o_o Are they at least rare items that you can't get any other way?

    1. Thank you! I just had the image that since I wanted my third character's house to be a restaurant, then the cafe could be right across the bridge from her house. ^^ Aww, that's so sweet! (:

      Yeah, the sun shower does take away from the miserableness of rain, haha. :P

      Umm, some are. And I'm not complaining that I played, because I did get some items I was looking for (though way overpriced). I also got forced gifts, like when you lose the game and you're forced to get the items you don't want at a huge price. -,- Though, you can get 7 items you can only get from campers in the summer, spring, and fall, and 5 items that you can only get from campers in the winter. (Really, it's tent versus igloos). Here's the link to see what the items are, they're just camping items - most were available in Wild World:

      Scroll to the bottom to get the list of 'rare' items only available by campers. ^^

  2. I really like the café, it's nice to see the special characters like DJ K.K. and Tom Nook drinking coffee inside. Also, I like the spot where you put your café, it looks great!

    The campers do sell their stuff for really high prices, but it's also possible for your to sell your stuff to them for really high prices too. I guess that could make up for the high prices.

    It does rain a lot in New Leaf, but once the rain stops, I'll probably miss the rain. It's nice to have every now and then.

    Jasper from the town of Windfall

    1. Thanks! ^^ It is, but normally, I find, they ask you to play their games - typical, right? ;) Yeah, I agree. I hope it doesn't end up having a really rainy season, (May & June), then like never raining the rest of the year. ):

  3. Wow I didn't know you could rush Kapp'n's song like that. What did you do, keep pressing B? Sometimes I don't have the patience to listen to it either if I've heard it too many times before or I'm in a hurry :P

    LOL, all those items Moe swindled you into buying xP Were they all rip-offs as well?

    I keep seeing you online on the 3DS >.< I hope we can WiFi soon. I still have a basket of perfect cherries for you, though you probably got your own by now :lol:

    1. Yup! He gets pretty mad though, haha. :P

      Oh, yeah. I mean, in New Leaf they have camper-exclusive items (like the sleeping bag, the campfire, the bonfire, etc.) so they are normally expensive. However, I didn't use those in Wild World, so it is a rip-off for me.

      OMG! You saved perfect cherries for me?! You're a gem! No, I haven't found anyone else that has cherries as a hometown - thanks so much! We should get together soon! I'm busy for the next few weeks, but I'll give you a shout when I'm available! :D