Thursday, August 8, 2013

Whoops, I missed a day!

So it turns out my last post was supposed to be the 13th of July to the 18th of July, but I started at the 14th. Usually, I'd just slip the pictures in on a day that didn't seem too full, but the day that I missed happened to be a pretty important day!

July 13:
Catalog Maniac Bronze badge with Ryann! :)

Portia gave me my first time capsule today, too! But, I didn't really understand the concept, and freaked out when it went away the next day. I put an item on top of it, forgetting where I put it, and THEN read about time capsules. Haha, whoops, next time!

AHH, I need Genji in my town! He like COMPLETES my zen themed town! :D

And this is why I couldn't just forget about today! I made a new character named Felicity, and she's going to own a restaurant in town. :) 

On her first day in town, she found an ore rock, too! How lucky! :D

July 19:
Ookay, maybe I shouldn't pick this up....I have bad terrors from Aika Village...

Aww, is this not the cutest picture ever?

Pretty in pinkkk!

My Reset Center is finally finished! 348 000 Bells later..!

So Resetti decided to scare the living daylights out of each of my players. Including digging up my items to talk to Noah!! :O

Haaaaa, he put it backk...:)

Gotta love when this happens, as well! :)

I got Katie for the 123456789000th time today, so I took her over to Miagen for the 123456789000th time.

I explored Miagen while I was there, because it was Felicity's first WiFi! Her orange garden is big, and very pretty! :D 

And on the other side is pink! Felicity's fave! ^ ^

Inside her house is so cozy! I'm not sure if its the light streaming in through the window, or the bathtub, or her flooring, but I really like the feel of her main room! :3

There Violet is again! Seems as though she's always parading around in Cassidy's garden! Her house isn't even around here, like what are you, Violet.

I got my hair done, as usual, trying to find a look, and I think I've found it! This is how my hair looks in person (which is what I was going for), except I don't have bangs. But, close enough, right?

As soon as I got the Reset Center out of the way, I was all ready to start preparations for my classic police station! Thanks to Margie, who suggested the idea not too long ago! :D

I finally caught that arapaima, (so I could actually put it in my museum this time!), and while giving it to Blathers, I noticed it's huge!! Like, I already knew it was the biggest fish, but it was bigger than him!

I did some renovations on fruit today, as well. I did this to make sure I had the same number of every fruit in my town (aside from the palm tree fruit). So I cut down everything and started again. I'd like to think I'll get around to doing the regular trees, cedar trees, and bushes, but I probably won't anytime soon. :P

This is what I mean about Ruby knowing no boundaries. I was talking to Resetti, like definitely only my business, and I go to do dailies when I'm finished, and see Ruby standing there staring. Like, can I help you, kid? I mean, my house is her backyard and all, but I was here first, so leaavve! Plus, I can't have a nice entrance to my mayor's house now, either. >.<

Yikkeess I found a weed! And my town is beautiful ordinance! Does anyone know the meaning of thisss??

Juust found this out, too. Thought I'd let you guys know, since this is a pretty big deduction for your house. I put my mannequin where I could see it, and this happens.

And this was what looks like one of my only chances to catch a golden slingshot, but I blew it. I really wasn't thinking when I shot the last balloon down, and it landed smack on top of the blue sapphire in the middle. It disappeared, which was a given, and I haven't seen another one to this day. Waaahh sometimes I just don't think! ):

July 20:
The Bug-Off happened today! Since only one of my people could attend the ceremony, I had Ryann out at the moment, and she took second place. Noah had a birdwing in first, and Felicity had an oak silk moth in third. 

Jasper came over to explore Shantaki today as well! :) 

He had originally posted on my blog this that he could help my out with, and I didn't realize it was going to be this muchh! Thanks a bunch, Jasper! In return, I gave him a golden wardrobe. ^ ^

Since it was Saturday night, K.K. Slider was jamming out in Club LOL. I requested a song, and we both sat down, but in the middle of it, Jasper got up and started dancing! I tried to get up as well, but I was glued to my seat (maybe being the one who requested it, or being the host). 

Then, he kindly invited me over to Windfall, as I had never been there before! :) I found it so strange to go to his Main Street, because it was reversed! I had heard about this being a possibility, but I'd never seen it before!

I REALLY liked what he did with his museum 2nd floor! He put together a mini hotel with a food court, an inn, and a Petalil garden! It looked so good! :) I'm especially liking the food court, since I love all the new food items they've added in New Leaf! :D

And I decided to take a trip back to Wild World and see what was happening in that game. Lyle was bothering me, as usual, but nothing had changed since I logged on last, (which was like half a year ago). 

I thought it's super funny that since the characters in New Leaf can get pants and shoes, that they are so much taller than the Wild World character, and that they now look like a Head with legs! xD

I visited my house, and looked at how the furniture series' have changed in New Leaf as well. First of all, it's better quality, but I expected that. :P The modern room is Celina's, (the character that is currently out).

These rooms belong to the other two players I have. Quinn owns the regal room, (to the left), and Craig owns the classic room, (to the right).
All my trees that I planted yesterday grew! (^-^d)

The Happy Homer Bronze badge and the Balloon Hunter badge with Ryann! :)
I got the contact machine, as well! :D I can finally get Noah's brown eyes, Ryann's blue eyes, and Felicity's light blue eyes! (^-^d)

Anndd I got Cyrus with Felicity. :) Now she can customize her alpine furniture, heheh! :)

July 22nd:
Gaston came into my tent today, though I wouldn't have known if my sister hadn't taken a picture while she was babysitting my town, thanks sis! :)

She also finished my police station for me, so it'd be built when I came back! :)

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  1. I hope you can get Genji! You're right, he would be really fitting for his town, and so would his house (both the inside an the outside).

    I got that ballet outfit recently for the first time, and the ballet shoes. It looks really cute on Felicity! ^_^

    Nice work with the police station and the tree-planting! I was also thinking about starting some more tree-planting, so my train station plaza looks just like yours in the picture here, covered with fruit baskets. xP And my town tree plaza is covered with saplings, cedar saplings, and bush starts. So my town's pretty much a mess right now...

    Aww, it's cute to see those Wild World pictures! :D Your rooms look great! I had each of my characters own a certain side room, too. It's fun to do but kind of makes my house weirdly mis-matched, haha. It's nice to have each character own their own house in New Leaf.