Monday, August 26, 2013

The last bit of July - finally!

Yes, yes, I am aware of how far I have fallen behind, and it's pretty stressful. I'm hopefully going to finish getting caught up this weekend, because then school starts, and I definitely won't have time then to get caught up.

July 27:
So this was the last day of camp, after Shantaki was being babysat by my sister. Quite a bit happened in my town, as usual - I go away, and then everything happens. >.< My police station was built, though I knew that was coming, because I had nearly paid it all off before I left for camp.

I see that my sister found a suitable door and fence to go on Felicity's house! I'm looking for the whole brick look for her, so it shouldn't be hard to finish her house completely. My mayor's house, on the other hand, I'm still struggling with, to this day. I can't find anything that looks good with the chalet exterior! :( 

And, like the last time my sister babysat my town, my general store was upgrading! So tomorrow I will have the T.I.Y! Finally I can purchase bushes and K.K. songs!

I had the ceremony for my new police station today, as well. I don't know why Animal Crossing had us pick between Booker and Copper, though! :( 

I served Apple today, and it just made me think of CK's town, which has an Apple villager, BlueBell! I wonder if visiting one town so often, and talking to a neighbour just as often, encourages the villagers to buy coffee at your town. But, I doubt it. 

I saw that Jasper was online, and we arranged to get together. :) He wanted to show me around his town, since I had to abruptly leave last time we WiFied.

Perfect oranges! :) His town was already really developed - it looked like he had a very clear vision of what he wanted for his town - something I'm still trying to figure out for Shantaki! 

I saw that he arranged a mini-Main Street in his town for convenience - it was neat! 

Haha, Jasper never ceases to confuse me with his emotions - you mad, bro? ;)

His Town Square was quite beautiful, but I couldn't get it all in one picture, so you'll have to go over to his town and see for yourself the real beauty. :)

Right beside his Town Square was the Illumination Park. It looked like a bright night in Paris! Very nice, Jasper. :D

There's his waterfall that everyone is making a fuss over, again. It must be rare, because it seems nobody else has a visible waterfall.

APOLLO! He had Apollo AND Pierce in his town - so lucky! I had Pierce in my original Wild World town, and Apollo I've always wanted. :3

Ouu, what a place for a rock... and this is such a handy spot for the bridge, too, like how those flowers come up the side and stop right where the bridge starts. It's really unfortunate how you can't remove, add, or even relocate rocks in your town. :(

It was very convenient that Pii was able to come over to Windfall after Jasper gave me a tour! I've been reading Pii's blog, but I've never been able to WiFi with her - it might be because our timezones are pretty different. 

However, shortly after I took a group picture, I had to leave, since it was time for me to pack again. :( It was really nice meeting Pii, but unfortunate that I had to leave so soon. 

July 28:
The T.I.Y. came today!

And I said goodbye to Ruby today, as well. It was time for her to go - I really couldn't have an entrance to Ryann's house with her there! >.<

Noah got the Village Representative badge!

My zen house is finished! Well, the house parts, but I'm still saving up for the zen castle build to complete the look. :D

July 29:
Umm, thank you...? Now I'm being called a kind of, Amy wasn't able to make a character called Violet because there was a monkey villager already called that, but villagers are allowed to make a nickname of a kind of shoe for sale in Kicks..? Allrrighhttt..

HOLY. I didn't know the name of this item when I saw it in Aika village, and I was wondering what this item was, so I placed it in my house and did NOT expect this to pop out of the leaf! :O This thing is waayy to spooky for me to keep.

I'm not sure if this is normal, but I have a lot of people in my Happy Home Showcase!

HAHH I CAUGHT A TARANTULA! I'm not too worried if all my characters catch it before they go out of season, because there's always next year! However, I'll be disappointed if I miss it with all my players, therefore leaving the museum without that species as well. 

Has anyone else encountered this mysterious villager? His name is Eugene, and he is a koala, but he's not in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf guide anywhere. Even when I was looking for his coffee, I couldn't get it right because he only told me the coffee beans he liked. I looked him up online too, and others have been wondering about him...strange, huh?

July 30 & 31:
The first time I've seen the Reset Centre open since I built it! The whole centre is a lot like the one in City Folk: when you go into the City and run town a street to the right and hope that the pylons are open at the end of it. The manhole opens and you can jump down it the night of a sunny day after a wet day. If that made much sense. xD I'll leave what it looks like inside up to your imagination, or until you experience it yourself. :)

July 31st. The day I was able to sit under my tree and recall all of the historical events of Shantaki. This marks 52-53 days of having your town alive! :D

Has anyone else seen this object in their police station? Or found it in the ground? I don't really understand it, to be honest, because all it does is make the crack on the ground smaller, (see in the picture below). 

Hmm, Phil, I'll pass. I mean, it's 648,000 Bells, approximately, and it's a cat that sits in the middle of your town...somehow I doubt that's worth it.


  1. Yay, great new post! It's nice to see more pics of Windfall! I love seeing the Main Street and modern park, as always. :) The waterfall you took a picture of is actually the waterfall that's pretty much the same in every single town (the one that falls over the cliff walls bordering one side of town). It's the one that enters the ocean that differs greatly from town to town. I thought his waterfall that met the ocean was pretty neat because it entered from the side but still had a very visible angle.

    Congratulations on your zen house, it looks fantastic and so fitting for the vision you have for your town! :D And that's good Ruby is moving, yay! I know her house location was bothering you, now you can have more space for an entrance ^_^

    You mentioned my problem with naming my character Violet; well, I recently tried typing in "Tiffany" and "Bob" for a character's name, and both worked, so I don't think there's any rule against naming characters the same name as villagers. And you named one of your characters Felicity, which shares the name of a cute cat villager. Violet must have a curse word from a different language contained within it, or something...

    Here's an information page about Eugene:
    Weird he's not in the official guide, though!

    Oh, and I hope we can WiFi sometime soon so that I can give you the perfect cherries! I'm sorry it didn't work out last week, I was visiting family over the weekend. Feel free to set a time that works for you this week (afternoons or evenings works for me) or this weekend. :)

    1. Thank you! :) Ouu, I didn't even notice! I guess I still found that waterfall different than what I'm used to, since my waterfall is flipped, (water falling at a different angle in my town).

      Thanks! It actually isn't finished in this picture, but I got the zen castle upgraded today, so now it's officially complete! That'll be in a much later post, though, since I'm still quite behind. :(

      Ohh, yeah, Kiki didn't have a problem either (kitkatkatrina). Strange, and quite inconvenient! :O

      Ahh, thanks for the link! I doubt I'll see him again, though, unless he comes to my town, because I'm almost finished making coffee with all my characters, (they've almost gotten all Brewster's presents through time serving coffee daily).

      Ouu, that's okay! I'd like to WiFi this Thursday (tomorrow), if that works for you? Other than that, (until school starts), I'll be away at a WiFi dead location. :(

      Let me know if you can do tomorrow, then! :)

    2. Yeah, my waterfall enters from the other side of town as well :)

      Ooh, congrats on the zen castle! :D I upgraded one of my characters' houses to the western-style castle recently.

      Sure, Thursday (today :P) works for me! Do you think you could open your gates? My town is really under construction right now, with tons of fruit baskets and sapling bags littered all over the place, so I don't think it's currently worth visiting.

    3. Western-style castle, fun! Is it just called the castle in the game, though?

      No problem! What time were you thinking? I can Wifi from 2:30pm-4:30pm today if that works? :)

    4. Wait, sorry, that's wrong, I can wifi anytime from now till 3pm!

    5. Ohh darn, it's 3:30 PM and I'm seeing this... I guess I blew it, sorry again!

    6. Don't worry about it, it was short notice. :( Next time, then! I'll be available next Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday! :) we'll plan it ahead of time this time, too. :p

  2. Sorry I don't have a blog account so I have to post this as Anonymous. >_<
    Your blog's really good, I've got Animal Crossing New Leaf and i'm kinda addicted to it. :P
    My friend code is 0516 - 7715 - 6539 and my name's Isabella, if you'd like to add me to do Wifi multiplayer sometime. :D
    My town's pretty messy but i'm trying to make it better. :\

    1. Ouu, thank you! :) Sure, I'll add you! :) No problem, my town hasn't got trees or shrubs at the moment! xD