Friday, August 30, 2013

First Fireworks Show! :D

August 1:
It was Kid Cat's birthday today! ^ ^ These are one of the only bulletin board notices that I keep anymore, too, since it's a way of keeping track of who lived in Shantaki, other than the town tree, that is.

All of my characters visited Kid Cat's party, but I only got pictures of Ryann this time. However, it seems like every time I go into his house with a different character, he had a different boom box in his room. I guess he must have gotten boom boxes from all the other villagers in the town for his birthday? :P

LOLL! Okay, I always have dinosaurs in my Re-Tail, so I can get an approximate 5,000 Bell profit from if I sold them regularly to Reese. I see it as the villagers paying their taxes, as I'm the Mayor, and they should pay me for taking care of the town, etc, but mostly for putting up with THEM - I mean, they're high-maintenance, right? ;) So, I ran out of dino parts to put up in the Flea Market section, and decided to try to get a profit on white lilies. Usually, they sell for 40 Bells, but I tried to sell them for 500 Bells...hahha, and Portia inquired about them, then raged on me....oops! xD

August 2:
Umm, nope, not sure where you're going with this....and I'd kind of like to keep it that way...

Aww, Melba! This reminded me of Amy's Melba, so she must've come from Citalune! :3

August 3:
Does anyone else think these shoes resemble pill bugs? Well, now, the pill bugs have reunited to be side by side in store. :O

Yay! I was hoping for someone to bring this up soon! Streetlights don't really belong to a theme of PWPs, so I think I'll use a lot of these in my town. ^ ^

August 4:
Wooo! First 2013 Fireworks Show! You bet I'll make it, Isabelle! (^-^d)

It's an interesting set-up that they have here in the Town Plaza! :) I assume Redd is here to rip people off again. Howevverrr, Isabelle is standing on one of my items! >.< And I can't pick it up. Serves me right for leaving my stuff lying around, though!

Ahemm, I didn't mean to set this off in broad daylight. I just wanted to set it down, but apparently that's not possible. So, for future reference to yous out there, don't try to set down a fountain firework, unless you want it to go off.

Ahh, I bought lots of turnips today, and set them to cover the strip surrounded by the river and the railroad tracks. I shall have a grand time getting these sold, too. -,-

I heard noises inside my house, and I knew fireworks were starting soon. I was praying that it wasn't thunder, but also thought it could have been the ocean since my house is so close. I haven't heard this before, and it wasn't brightening up my house, so it couldn't be a storm (no lightning), and had to step outside to see what it was. I couldn't believe myself. It was OBVI the fireworks show!! xD

I stepped out in my jazzy clothes and was ready to start a night of entertainment! ^ ^

Ouu, I was right. Redd was back to his phony sales.

And Kid Cat might think we're closer than friends..? JOKESS Animal Crossing is played by little children, too, so we've gotta keep it G-rated. xD

Okaay, this is pretty much where I just go crazy with pictures. I mean, who didn't on their entry with the first fireworks show? :D

Enjoying explosion fireworks with Chief! :)

Probably my favorite kind of firework.

My paw-print design! (Or actually, it was stolen from a dream..)

Enjoying the fireworks with Phil. :)

Enjoying the fireworks with Kid Cat. :)

Noah comes out for his grand entrance into the evening.



--Hmm, actually, I'm not feelin' these heart boppers.

Playing with a fountain firework at the RIGHT time of day. :3

Central point of town - or where all the villagers like to hangout, that is. :)

Felicity makes her grand appearance!

Hmm, I'm feeling THESE heart boppers! They go perfectly with her outfit! (^-^d)

Count on a random balloon to ruin the feel of the night. :P Thinking about this more now, I liked the balloons more in Wild World. The balloons themselves aren't better, but the presents they carry. It's exciting for the first, like, 20 shoot-downs in New Leaf, but by then, you've collected all the balloon series, and that's all you can ever shoot down from them, (aside from silver and golden slingshots). Yet, they keep appearing, and expect you to shoot them down. I enjoyed how you wouldn't know what would be in the Wild World balloons, and you could continue to get things you didn't have - for free! (^-^d)

Portia and Felicity being surprised by how many bodies there are on the beach!

Ouu, why the sad face, Portia? :(

Felicity enveloped in the flame of the fountain firework...

...Ouu, probably not a good idea to let little children play with fire! xD

Blog entry got a little cheesy at the end --whoops! (:


  1. Aww, how cute you ran into Melba at the Roost ^_^ Yes, we can pretend she visited from my town :P
    What fantastic, festive fireworks shots! I love the look of Felicity, with her outfit, blue bun and eyes -- so pretty!
    Let me know if there's a time that works for you in meeting up to give the perfect cherries! I always feel weird scheduling WiFis because I don't know the other person's schedule... Hopefully it'll work out sometime soon, I'm sorry for the wait!

    1. Thanks! She's quite the fashionista. ;)

      Ohh, yeah I know what you mean. Hopefully next week sometime, but it's been crazy busy for the first week of school! I'll let you know when it starts to slow down, again. :)