Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Streak of Campers!

July 14:
So, these were an interesting few days. I found Queenie in my tent the first morning, but I couldn't invite her because my town was full. I played some games with her, but that's just about all I could do.

It turns out the villagers' planting flowers wherever they see other flowers around town isn't so bad after all. I mean, I had planted maybe five of the red cosmos here to breed, and my villagers did the rest. They got me two hybrids from the same spot over the same night!

This is actually so cute, and after I saw Ruby doing it, I saw a lot of the other villagers doing it too! Probably sometime soon, I'm going to add a page of the villager's bios in my town, and I'm going to upload a picture of the villager sitting on a stump in my town, because it's just adorable! :D

July 15:
This is where the streak of campers all started (or you could say it started with Queenie, too). But really, the AC:NF guide says that you will only get a camper once a week, if even. Yet, I have had Queenie and Twiggy camping in my town, on back-to-back days! I didn't really want Twiggy in my town, though, because I didn't really have great memories of her in Wild World - she was everywhere! 

In case some of you didn't know, I thought I would bring up that this action Noah's making is that he's too hot. I thought it was cool that I was actually able to catch it on camera, too, since it's a pretty quick action. This happens when you put a long-sleeve shirt on a character on summer days, and I imagine the characters might shiver in the winter time if you stick a short-sleeve shirt on them.

Also, I remember blogging not too long ago about campers being a real rip-off..? Sure, they can be. But I found that it depends on the type of villager that you get in your tent. (lazy, peppy, snooty, etc.) From my experiences, I find lazies to be a scam and peppies to be quite generous - as you can see from the picture! The item she wanted from me was a bee...so, thanks, Twiggy! :D

Later on that night, I found Ruby SLEEPING on the stump. This was a cuteness overwhelm, and I knew I had to do something about it...sorry Ruby, it was a temptation I couldn't resist!

BAM! You know, I would probably have a heart attack if someone did this to me in real life, though. xD

July 16:
Arggh, REDD! You had to come on the day that I had lots of stuff to give to my other players?! It turns out he covered up like three items, and 50,000 Bells!! -,-

Anndd, surprisingly, my camper streak continues! I actually wanted Caroline in my town, too! :( With campers coming in at this rate, after this sequence, I'll won't have a camper for a month! :O

Now, this was certainly suspicious...I mean, Portia ran up to Noah and danced in front of him, like no big deal there. Then, she told him she was moving out. I've had Portia in my town before, and I could use the land that she's put her house on, as well. So, I said: 'bye!'. And she said: "Well, OK..I'll be on my way soon, Noah." And THEN she went on about how she's going to miss Shantaki, and she ran into a road block and said something along the lines of: "Wait, that's just it! I haven't had many memories in Shantaki, so I can't move away yet, or I won't have anything to remember!"



YOU came up to ME and told me you were moving out...

Well, I guess that's NOT the end of Portia.

A confused dog, for sure!

Today, Brewster proposed the idea of part-time serving coffee at his store, as well! I was thrilled, as I had been looking forward to this for quite a while!

July 17:
Hmm, the fourth camper in a row?! This is crazy! Must be a...glitch? Ouu, that brings back memories! My sister and I used to call Pinky the 'Glitchy Bear' because of the one file we had with her in it. We had talked to her twice to begin, and each time, the game froze, and we had to deal with Resetti. -,- I hope Nintendo fixed Pinky for New Leaf! ;)

I checked the bulletin board that morning, like I usually do, and found that tonight we're having a meteor shower! I'm glad the game informs you, too! Because I don't think I would've logged on that night,, if I was finished my dailies, and then I would've missed out! I believe this event is random, too, so who knows when the next one would be!

My first day on the job! And looking back on this now - my hair! Ughh! I really enjoyed serving coffee, but I believe I got superb coffee beans on the first day, which kind of took the fun out of the experience. And that was thanks to the book. I mean, I guess I get more money, right? But Brewster should have thought I was sketchy right off the bat. ;)

THIS is why you don't put paths near the river. I caught an arapaima for the first time out of all my players today! However, I didn't realize my party was full before casting my rod, so when I pulled it up, (I didn't have any fish in my party to exchange, either), the dialog said something along the lines of: "But, my pockets are full! I guess I'll let it go..." I WAS SO MAD! 'Cause everyone knows you can't drop items on paths, right?

Ahh, and it's time for the meteor show! It's nice to see that Saharah was there for the event, as well! She seems to have enjoyed it. ^ ^

And double meteors on the screen, how pretty! I wonder if the meteor shower occurrence has anything to do with the stage of the moon, (like the size of it).

July 18:
Ouu, looks like Pinky unglitched the streak of campers, if that makes sense? In other words, she broke the streak, and the campsite went back to being vacant. How disappointing, because I still have a pile of trash that I had stored up from all the items received from their little mini-games. I also fed other campers with that pile of items, too. :3

And THIS is the difference between real shell and the hermit crabs that think they're so stealthy. Well, I've caught you! So, hah.

Felicity got the Insect Maniac badge today, also. :)

And a random act of kindness from Phil! He needed me with the offer of a painting at 7,500 Bells, (or something crazy like that), and I accepted. ('cause look at my Bells at the moment !) Except, he said he felt bad now, so he just gave it to me for free! I took it to the museum, and it wasn't a counterfeit, either! Thanks, Phil! (^-^d)


  1. How cool that you got that long streak of campers! I'm sorry you couldn't get any of them to move in, though. :(

    The pics of your neighbors sitting on stumps are so adorable! I've never seen neighbors sit on things outside before in my town (like benches, stumps, etc.), but it seems like it happens to everyone else.

    Urgh, the same thing happened to me once with disappearing items. >_< Only it was the Bug-Off tent that did it, not Redd's. I'm not sure what I lost, but I'll try to be careful about dropping items in the town tree plaza from now on.

    Ahh, jealous about the meteor shower! I can't wait until one happens in my town, it looks gorgeous!

    1. Yeah, it is! I'm not sure if it was a glitch or not, though, because they're only supposed to come up to once a week!

      It'll come, I just think of it that the villagers just have to inspect the objects around town first before they decide it's worthy to sit on. :) After having it in you town for a bit, they'll start relaxing on whatever is relax-able! Haha!

      I know you don't have plans for the police station, but the lost and found got me my 50K and items back! Even when it was like a month after the fact! :O