Saturday, September 7, 2013

A New Visitor!

August 5:
HOLY MAN! I was super surprised when I walked out to see Gracie standing in my Town Plaza...that's when I thought: 'the T&T Emporium mustn't be too far away!'

Got the Refurbishing Beginner badge with Ryann!

Went on a little scallop search on this finnee afternoon, and followed Pascal when finding my only scallop out of pure curiosity. It turns out he waits until he doesn't think you're watching him anymore, and eats the scallop right on the other side of the rope! I had to watch him slurp it up, too! :O

Got the Skilled Diver badge with Noah! :)

Turns out I have to get 4 approvals from Gracie, and only one character can get her Fashion Check done per visit. I got 'sweaty and sporty' with Noah the first time, and decided to dress up in my green zap suit! However, it was apparently too 'cliche' for me to find clothing to match her request from the same series - oops!

Aww, well, I still got a Gracie item. :) Next time, I'll aim for perfect! (^-^d)

August 6:
Went over to Miagen with Noah for probably the first time, and observed what plans she had for her town. Looks like she's going to make a illumination park, and I like the pink hybrids that she's added to what's going to be very bright at night! ^ ^

The main reason I went to Miagen, however, was to get a petition signed for Phil. It's actually the first time I've seen one of these: called Animals Are People Too. Maybe this is the game's way of encouraging WiFi with friends? 

Man, did she have a lot of orange! So, she made a garden, and it looks really nice! ^ ^

Got the Seafood Maniac badge with Felicity!

Hmm, I meant to drop a mushroom I had found at the base of a special stump, except for I tried dragging it to her feet to drop it, and dropped it on her instead. This means that character takes the mushroom and eats it. >.< Apparently, this is a pretty exquisite food since Ryann made this emotion after eating it. Then, Cassidy said that that's what my player looked like high. I guess this is what happens after your player consumes 'shrooms'. xD

August 7:
Experimented with my house a bit yesterday, and now it looks like a big candy clump...not sure that's the feel I want for my house. So the struggle of piecing together a perfect house continues. :s


Most definitely, Joey!

Oh, uh, thanks. I see why you're choosing to stay away...

Ouu, the pressure! I remember Bianca did this to Cassidy when debating whether or not to move into Miagen, but apparently she lost quite a few times, and, well, Bianca's in her town at the moment. xD

But, I beat him anyways! So I didn't have to worry about him leaving tomorrow back to his old town! :3

August 8:
Found my first hybrid rose! I still think it's strange that they make you breed two hybrid red roses to get a blue rose...I mean, who would come up with that on their own? Anyway, I'll be hoping to see another one up soon, so I can hopefully produce some blue roses! ^ ^

Hmm, I'm not too sure what this PWP is, to be honest. And, it wasn't in my plans for Shantaki, so you're out of luck, Kid Cat.


  1. Ahh lucky, I still haven't gotten Gracie even once yet! Or Pascal, for that matter.
    I like the look of the mermaid roof with the candy door, it reminds me of frosting ^_^
    Congratulations on convincing Joey to move to your town, and on your first hybrid red rose! I've gotten quite a few now, I think, but still no blue roses. To be honest, I miss the hybrid system in AC:WW, since it seemed easier to get things like purple tulips and purple pansies. (Blue roses were still hard to get in that game, though -- the only type I never got.)

    1. Really? Wow! Hopefully you get her soon, then! :O

      I think I finally have the perfect idea for my house, now! :)

      Yeah, I think the idea to put two hybrid red roses together to make a blue rose was a random idea, and I don't like it. Kiki was kind enough to give me three blue roses, (:O), and now I have four. ^ ^ I'd be happy to give you one or two of mine, to help get you started? :)

      We need to WiFi! Are you free tonight?