Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 6: Back from Camp

I had a blast at camp this week! I felt like I missed so much on the blogging community, though, so I guess it's good to be home again. :)

What an odd place for a pitfall trap...I found one a few steps from my house the other day too -is someone after me?

I came back to two new shops in my Main Street! Shampoodle's was under construction the day I left for camp, then sometime during the week, the T&T Mart decided to upgrade to the Super T&T. :D It makes me feel like I've missed more than just a week in my town! :O

I got my first haircut in Shantaki today! I used a hair guide, but I was pleased that I got the one I was looking for; sometimes those guides can be confusing, too!

Saharah came for the first time! Apparently she's pretty witty in this game, so it should be interesting conversing with her :3

I also noticed that it was a lot noisier in my town when I came back. I left on the 30th of June, so it wasn't quite July yet. July = cicada season, and cicadas = noise. Happy July, (even though I'm a little late). ^^

Has anyone else found this? It was a really interesting find! I found a regular like house-item leaf sitting under a tree, so I expected I had just forgotten to pick it up after shaking it down. I moved closer towards it, and it reacted just the same way a hermit crab would when thinking it's a regular shell. Then it crawled away, I slapped my net down and caught it. Typical. :P

Man, just my luck. I decided to be silly and smack a random rock with an ax instead of a shovel without holes behind me to stop me from moving. And it didn't end well. It turned out to be the money rock, and I had gotten half the money I could have for the day. >.< Well, never again am I trying that until I find the special money rock.

Noah got his first-ever haircut today! I got the right hair style I was looking for, but I didn't get the color quite right. :/ However, this was just the beginning of his hair troubles, so stay tuned for further posts to find out what I'm talking about. ;) 

Using the new emotes from Shrunk to my advantages on a beautiful day near my waterfall. ^^

Oh dear, fan-girling over K.K. Slider, Monique? So was Isabelle when she announced the arrival of Club LOL, though. :3 And then, Yumi Yoshimi's name is circled on the right...my sister and I always look for him, not too sure why. ^^

Gettin' me ready for an island vacay. 'Wassup, Gram. 

Noah's turn. :) Haha, very witty, Saharah. ^^

Thanks, sis. -,- I left her to take care of my town and allowed her to pick through my Main Street as a rewardish sorta thing, and she couldn't control her immaturity levels - deciding to make Drake call me bum bum...that's real funny. >.<


  1. I've seen that walking leaf bug too! I thought, "hmm, don't remember leaving an item over there," and then it of course started walking away from me. xD Really took me by surprise! Obviously a real walking leaf doesn't look like that, but it was a cute change for Animal Crossing. Hopefully I see another sometime!
    Yay, Shampoodle! Ryann's new haircut is cute! :)
    It was nice of your sister to take care of your town for you while you were away, and funny that she changed your neighbor's catchphrases, haha!

    1. Yeah, I thought that walking leaf was really interesting too! Thanks! I really wish I didn't have to keep changing it in order to unlock contacts one day, though. ): Haha, I think it was more to her benefit because she got two Main Streets to buy from each day. ;)