Tuesday, December 17, 2013

End of October: Halloween!

This post will be short, but there will be another following it very soon! Christmas holidays are right around the corner with more time to blog, and more importantly enjoy the festivities in New Leaf! :)

October 30th:
Hmm, I guess word spreads easily in Shantaki...

 ...Actually, if I had stayed at the venue for 20 more minutes, I would've gotten a picture with her, bringing my personal life into this. ;)

And, I guess, I did something wrong, because everyone was ignoring me. Fun.

October 31st:
Happy Halloween! I was lucky to get the chance to connect with Estel from Citalune on Halloween! It wasn't Halloween in her town yet, so it was a first time experience for both of us! :D
Cute, she came dressed as a mummy! :) I should've dressed up too, I don't know what I was thinking! I guess I didn't want any of my clothes to disappear, as the villagers take their stored up anger out on you this magical night.

In fact, they chase after you to get what they want. Estel, however, couldn't get away fast enough at this unfortunate moment.

WHAT A TEASE! There goes another article of clothing.

 Seems like I don't know what I'm doing, I mean OBVIOUSLY ghosts aren't scary. No one in my town was afraid of them! (If I can recall correctly).
Ah-hah! I found their soft spotsActually, I'm pretty sure all of my
lazies were scared of monsters. :O

Then, Jasper unexpectedly showed up! A nice surprise - party on Halloween! :D
Taking a minute to appreciate how qewt Joey looked in his costume. :D

Annndd the end of the night I was covered in what my neighbours thought was a joke. They don't make bad pajamas!


  1. Celebrating Halloween in your town was really fun, it's nice to revisit the memories a bit! ^_^
    Yeah, it's great being on holiday break now, I hope I can make a lot of progress on catching up to the present time! And I look forward to seeing what more you post :D
    Oh, and this is kind of random, but I remember you saying Goldie was your favorite neighbor, and at one point you wondered what her house style looked like. I didn't know what it looked like at the time, but I just discovered her house style recently:
    It's not bad! A nice mix of bright colors (would look pretty with blue and yellow flowers around it) and a brick wall. :)

    1. Ahh, typical that Goldie's roof would be gold, haha, but I wished it suited my theme more. :( I guess I could make a part of town where its flowers galore though (cos now I have a whack of hybrids) and she could squeeze in there with like Flora too (which I plan to keep until I have no choice). :D