Monday, December 23, 2013

Let's Just Wrap November Up, Shall We?

November 1st:
My first purple tulips! I was very surprised to find out that purple tulips originate from two orange tulips. :O

Harvet furniture's in store now! For some reason, I thought the harvest furniture was connected to Pave who comes in the spring. I guess they're just really similar, but to be honest I don't really see the point in the harvest furniture.

I decided I'd catch mole crickets with all of my players right off the bat so that I wouldn't forget. Not like I could though, they're constantly humming at me from down under.

Ahh, the grass is such a pretty colour this time of year. :D If it weren't for the ugly brown mud splotch though, it would be better. It's such a struggle to keep your grass/snow healthy, especially when my path's not finished so I'm forced to wander.

Vic pitched a tent in Shantaki today. He didn't move it, that's all.

November 3rd:
Hm, I thought Shantaki had the Beautiful Ordinance? To this day I'm still confused as to how the occasional weed will show up even with the ordinance in tact.

Decided it's time to devote some time into creating this path, and it was cute to have little orange saplings sprouting all over my town. Although, I don't know if this is completely accurate, but I think you can only plant so many trees in a day if you want them to all grow that night...

November 4th:
Ahh, Ruby's back to visit! It's been a while, but I find it strange that only after she moved out of Miagen, (she moved from Shantaki to Miagen), she started appearing in my Main Street. And ever since this surprise appearance, it seems that she's living in my Main Street. Does she not have anywhere else to be?

I found this kind of humorous, but not as much as the mush bed. Pardon me, but how do you mistake a mushroom that grows beside a tree/tree stump to be a bed?

Felicity got the Backyard Gardener badge! :)

November 5th:
There was a spontaneous meteor shower tonight!

After finishing one path near my house, I proceed to planting saplings elsewhere as well.

November 9th:
Second fishing tourney! Maybe this one I'll actually attend...oops!

The ground has once again changed, and it's been 8-ish days? Seems that winter's sneakin' up on us!

Gabi tried to move into my town today, but I've never really been the fan of Animal Crossing white bunnies (like Tiffany, etc.) I guess it's only because I can't tell them apart! :P

LOLL this made me chuckle - can we just imagine if the comma wasn't there, haha.

Man, Portia and Chief (both of which I'm close to their pictures, I believe), have been really nosey lately! I mean, just because I don't come to the main room, (remember, I didn't invite him over), he thinks he should make me feel guilty? RUDE.

Adding to my zen routine for future PWPs!

November 10th:

Melba came in a tent today! Let's just say she was spending the night away from Citalune. ;)

Drake suggested a jungle gym, and I've always been curious if you can actually ride in them...I saw a hamster ride in it, was that not in a promotional picture for New Leaf?

Ahh, the trees all grew and look so pretty! :)

November 12th:
And then I figure out over the next couple of days that this part of town doesn't grow any ANY! I've tried planting them one at a time too, and they aren't in unreasonable places either! >.<

Yay! I'm looking forward to snow in New Leaf! I always loved bundling my character up in Wild World to face the blustery Animal Crossing winters. ;)

I heard what famous mushrooms can do for I thought I had to try it out for myself. Well, don't. Because they normally sell for 8,000 and it's not even worth it to waste one for fun. All your character does is get huge in size and then shrink back to the regular size again right away. Your character won't even move their feet when they're big.

Does anyone else find it amusing to waste the time they give you for Hide and Seek? They give you 10 minutes to find three to four villagers, when the needed time to find all of them is maybe 4 minutes. I just go about my duties and find them along the way. :3

November 16th:
The T&T Emporium decided that the 16th of November would be a very good day to start the sale for the autumn series in GracieGrace. This means that all Sweets furniture and all clothing/accessories, (all that are left) will be sold for a lower price! Also, (at the end of any season) the card series shows up! Along with some other clothing that isn't fitted in with a season. This is the only time you can get this series/clothing, and no, it's not marked down. As the sale goes on though, (in this case) the Sweets series will be harder to find, and more and more card furniture will replace it's spot in the store.

ARGH, I did it again. I forgot about the fishing tourney! Good thing it's most of the year, so I have plenty of time to get those trophies for everyone!

November 26th:
UMM WHAT ARE YOU DOING, JOEY?? Apparently, either I didn't convince him, or villagers can spontaneously move out of your town without warning, but Joey is 100% moving out of Shantaki. :'( He was supposed to be a dream villager, but I guess it wasn't meant to farewell Joey.

The first snow fall happened today!

But it didn't last for long. Looks like what the snow did bring was holly sprouts! I wonder what the holly bushes will look like with snow covering them - whether it'll just be a light layer on the bushes or you won't even be able to see the blooms hardly?

Look at this rip-off! Noah's been looking to collect the card series for a while now, but it looks like I'm gonna need to save up some huge money to get the whole series: I could either buy the clock for a whopping 300,000 or the lamp for merely 80,000. How could a clock be THAT much more expensive than a lamp, when I'd pick the lamp over the clock any day?!

Yes, Portia, I might consider the modern clock (if the zen clock doesn't work, that is).

November 28th:
Ahhh, the holly bushes are in full bloom and they look very pretty. However, I find they clash with the orange of the trees, so I guess that's why they're meant to bloom in the winter with the white snow covering everything.

It was Phil's birthday today, and I didn't go. I'm actually a horrible resident because this is the second birthday I didn't even show up to.

November 29th:
Okay, my memory is really getting in the way. I've missed birthdays, and fishing tournaments, which don't end up being big deals in the end, but now I've gone and missed the Harvest Festival.

Actually, that's not completely true. I still got to hear Franklin's introduction. I got to see what it'd be like to get an order for him, I just couldn't return it fast enough because Franklin packed up for the day at 10pm. (Sometimes I just go on AC at the very end of the day to water flowers, etc.)

However I did catch Moe looking very cute-sy in his chef's outfit! I wonder if they all had this on?

November 30th:
I've moved on from my depression of Joey moving out. It's time that someone new moves in, and that new person happens to be the cutest pink flamingo, Flora! I'm really glad I'l be close to her house (even though it doesn't match my zen theme), but neither will my house. The majority of Shantaki will be zen-themed, but I'll have branch-offs, like this side of town, where it'll be something completely different. After all, nothing can be perfect, right?


  1. I've heard that some dirt patches are permanent (the ones you started the game with), so some of the dirt patches like that around town probably aren't your fault!

    You've made a lot of progress on your town landscaping-wise lately, it looks great! When I came over recently I was impressed by the walkways lined with an assortment of bushes and trees. :)
    As for the cedar trees that didn't grow, were they on the southern side of town? Because cedar trees can only grow in the top half of town. Once that very specific barrier is crossed (past 2 acres), they won't grow anymore. It's annoying because I wouldn't mind having cedar trees and special cedar stumps on the south side of town >:[

    My dad has the jungle gym PWP, it's cute and colorful and he made a little park out of it. :) You can't go "on" it, but it is interact-able in that you can press A and make it spin around. So it's similar to the interact-able (is that even a word? sorry :P) PWPs like the bell (it rings when you press A) and water pump (water comes out when you press A).

    Aww, again, I'm sorry that Joey left! :( But I'm happy for you that you got a resident you like with Flora! She caught my eye pre-game because of her appearance, name (I like the name Flora and have even considered naming AC charas of mine that name), species, and the fact that she's new (I think...right?). And her house style is pretty cute, too, very pink! :D

    I agree with you, it's hard to stick to one theme for an entire town! I actually like mixing it up a bit, though, so I don't really consider it a flaw to have different themes/feels throughout a town. :) Variety is the spice of life and all that! But it's also of course impressive to see themed towns that are entirely consistent to the theme throughout.

    I hope you're having a happy Christmas eve and that you'll have a great Christmas and New Year! Also hope you got to enjoy Toy Day :D I have your Christmas present ready to give you sometime, whenever you're available! (the gold roses, haha)

  2. Aww, I was aiming for a meadow! You know, a town with no dirt!

    Hahah it's actually really funny you say that (thanks by the way!) but I just chopped it all down today! I didn't feel like it was very pretty or very consistent. (which doesn't get along with my OCD) OMG I'm really mad at that cedar thing! Like that ruins all my plans! :'( I'm gonna post again hopefully really soon and I'll post a picture of my town map and I'll label the parts where I tried to grow cedar trees versus where cedar trees actually did grow for me.

    Ahh, that's cute! I hardly think it would suit my zen theme though, right? ;)

    Yes! I'm over Joey, haha, he just wasn't meant to be! In fact, she's inspired me! I have something new in mind for Shantaki, you'll see. ;)

    That was a very interesting motivational paragraph, Amy! I strongly agree! :P

    Aw, thank you so much! I did have very good holidays, and I hope you did too!