Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beginning of October: Birthdays and Unlucky Camping!

October 1st:

I saw a pumpkin wandering around my town, and I hadn't a clue who he was! (Okay, maybe I had a clue from reading the Animal Crossing book, but Mayor Ryann didn't have a clue. ;) ) It seems as though I will be seeing this pumpkin, Jack, on Halloween!

Ryann got the Good Shopper badge! :)
I decided I'd experiment with someone I didn't like too much, with a character that hadn't bonded at all with this villager to see if they would still get mad at me for pushing them in this game. I remember always pushing around unwanted villagers in my towns of Wild World because I thought it would make them move. Curt was the big victim for that, and I always thought he would light my house on fire/whack me with an axe for doing so because he had a tiki torch in his house, and he had a bandage on his head. xD LOL! Anyways, this happened to be Lucha and Felicity that I would experiment on/with. Seems that they still do mind. :P

October 2nd:
Carmen came to my town today! I would've invited her to stay, except for my town's full. :(

Oh, dear. I get a 'happy bonus'?? Everything is 'happy' with him. xD But, yay! I finally got the golden axe with Ryann! :D

October 3rd:
Gloria came to my town today, and again, I would've invited her to my town, but it was full. >.<

October 5th:
Then Phoebe came! I've wanted this phoenix in my town since I saw her in Kiki's town! :( But again, my town was FULL! I wish someone would just move away because 60% of the villagers in my town I don't even like. -,-

Ryann got the Village Leader badge!

October 7th:
I find this pretty amusing. Every time you either forget to take your mail out, or simply have too much mail at a time (like when you order from Timmy and Tommy's catalog), your mail box won't only ding, but it's door will flap open and close, and it will ding twice as fast.

I'm still confused about what I want to do with my house! I want to keep the chalet exterior, but I don't care what else goes with it, as long as it looks nice ad co-ordinates in a colour-ly fashion.

Explorer's day on Monday, and the first Fishing Tourney of 2013 is coming this Saturday!
It's time that Renee leaves. And I'm going to let her. She's not the ideal villager to be leaving my town right now, but it's a start so that new villagers (like the ones I had in tents) can move in.

October 10th:

This was probably one of the saddest days in my Animal Crossing: New Leaf experience so far. It stands close to when I lost 2 million, 600 000 Bells on turnips about a month ago. Today was the day that Goldie came to my town as a camper.
Goldie is by far my favorite character in all the Animal Crossing games. (My second favorite would have to be Marina, though). She's the one that for sure has a spot on my dream villagers list. And today was the day that I was going to get her in my town so we could start a life together! :D
But then, I realized Renee had still to move out, and that meant that Shantaki was FULL! WAHH!! :'( I wanted to cry! What are the odds that Goldie would come to my town in a tent this early in the game, anyways, and what are the odds that she'll come back?? Like 0 to 100 or something. :'( But there was nothing I could do. I had to watch her leave the next morning.

October 12th:
Also, I missed the first fishing tourney! How could I forget what was going on that day??

At least the Fishing Tourney is more often than the Bug-Off, so I have more chances to get everyone one of each medal.

October 13th:
Today, Renee officially moves out. I actually try to now avoid the people that have plans to move, because at anytime in their last few days of being here, they can change their mind. Even if they come running to you outside, I run in the opposite direction, because nothing frustrates me more than having a change of plans.
Seems as though I'm getting close to Portia's picture! Hopefully other villagers will start showing up at my doorstep randomly too, because that's one way to know that you and that villager are besties! :D

October 20th:
Monk showed up in a tent today! I decided after that Goldie incident that I wouldn't just accept anyone that I thought might be cute (Monk included). If I had plans for them I'd accept them, but until then, I'll have a little more patience than I had in the past.
Noah's mini-dinosaur exhibit is finally complete! Well, not the room itself, but I've collected all the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, you can't add the amber, the peking man, etc. to that list, because they're not customisable. Apparently the game thinks that they're already small enough to fit in with a mini-exhibit. After all, they do only take up one square in your house.

October 25th:
Haha okay, so first of all, today was Katy Perry's BIRTHDAY! :D Which may or may not have inspired Felicity to be born on this day...(;
Moe appeared at my door step today! Apparently he's been waiting for me all day ;)

Aww, he took me to his house and had a surprise birthday party waiting for me! (Even though I knew that was coming from Ryann's birthday.)
There was a nice big celebration with Drake, Moe, and Kidcat - Felicity's closest friends in Shantaki!
Happy birthday, Felicity!

Bones appeared in my tent. But I declined, because he was more of Cassidy's villager than he'd ever be mine. (Yes, we claim villagers. ;) )

There were actually two birthdays today! Portia, and of course, Felicity! However, I forgot to buy a present especially for Portia (if you look up any villager they'll tell you what she/he would really like for her/his birthday), which wasn't the end of the world, but also that I forgot to show up with any of my players! I guess I was too selfish to enjoy my own birthday and not even show up for someone else's! :( Even after all the friendship that Portia's shown Ryann.


  1. Sometimes I feel forced to push neighbors around a bit because of the narrow bush-lined walkways I have in a few parts of town. I think one or two got mad at me about it >_>

    Wow, that was a string of great neighbors in your campsite! Carmen was a past neighbor in my town and I liked her quite a bit, Phoebe is a current neighbor in my town and I Iove her design, and Gloria is a new resident of my town (a dream neighbor)! And then of course Goldie, I'm soo sorry about her! :( The campsite can be really heartbreaking, it seems, I've heard lots of similar stories from people who saw their dreamies in the campsite when their town was full, so you're not alone in that. I'll try to keep an eye out for Gloria on AC:NL Adopt, and maybe if I can get a hold of her in my alternate town, we can then move her over to your town. I don't know, but I'm sure you'll get her somehow eventually! :)

    Congratulations on your mini dinosaur exhibit! :D Does that mean you even completed that exhibit before your official museum one? :P

    The bit about Curt made me chuckle a bit because when I saw what his house looked like a while ago, I thought it'd be perfect for a zen town like yours! But of course, it'd be silly to move in a neighbor you hate just because their house looks nice. xP Other villagers with zen-ish house exteriors include Gladys, Walt, Rizzo, Marcel, Greta, Cranston, Kabuki, and Cyrano. There is also another Asian-inspired house style, with a red door, but I think it's Chinese instead of Japanese; Phoebe and Rory have houses like this.
    The pictures come from here:
    (I still have hopes of making my own house exterior guide from pics in my collection, but I've been busy and distracted by other things, I guess..)

    1. It's really disappointing how I have two spots available now, and I've maybe got two campers that didn't even have a chance of being in my town. I guess I'm just scared that might happen again, but it's good to know I'm not alone. (Actually not really, because I don't want other people to go through that either! :O)

      Thanks! It took a lot of ground space, time, and money! And nope! I started collecting minis when I finished the museum's collection, because museum is priority. ;) I think I completed the fossil exhibit for my museum in September. :)

      OMG CURT WHYY! :( He is my ultimate rival. But his house is perf omg,and if he's nicer in this game, then I might consider it because like, you couldn't get any cuter for a Japanese town. Thanks so much for the links, I will definitely consider them! :D

    2. I just realized I wrote Gloria instead of Goldie when I mentioned that I'd look for her on AC:NL Adopt for you xD I guess because I'd been looking for Gloria there lately and that was still on my mind, and they both begin with G. :P
      I hope another good camper shows up soon :) It's an option to manipulate the campers a bit if you reset for them with a new character (the way you can do for villager house plots), but that's very boring and time-consuming...
      Ohh okay, I'm still working on my fossil exhibit, and I guess I assumed most were as well, but maybe I'm behind haha. Wow, way back in September! Congratulations on both, it's very cool you have a little mini exhibit in one of your houses along with the official one in the museum ^_^
      Yeah, it's a shame that our favorite neighbors can't always have our favorite house styles, and ones we don't like can have houses we like!

    3. Haha I noticed that too. ;)

      Oh, let me know if you want any fossils from me! I just sell them anyways for cash, and really wouldn't mind putting them aside for you if you wanted help! ^ ^

      I think it would be really neat if we could arrange the exterior of the houses like we could do in My Sims: