Tuesday, October 29, 2013

End of September: Lots of Requested PWPs!

September 16:
Frank came to my tent today. :)

Scarecrow? Nope, I'll pass, Renee.

September 19:
Ironic that Renee would suggest a scarecrow the day before this picture was taken. Perhaps she saw the future and saw me in a scarecrow...creepy!

Autumn Moon tonight! It's so pretty! Also, I double-purposed this picture: to show the beautiful night it was, and to show off my new bamboo field! Or orchard, or grove. ;)

Hmm, is Monique missing Shantaki after moving to Miagen?

I really like how Cassidy (from Miagen) put this stone tablet in the middle of what she calls "Miagen Forest". It reminds me of the Celebii tablet in the middle of the Ilex Forest in the Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal games. :D It also gives a good feel to the forest - almost, mystical!

September 20:
The night after the Autumn Moon and the moon is still at it's fullest! Sky is cloudier, though. Just thought I would share this lovely picture of Chief and I. He is hopefully a permanent resident. ^ ^

Strange glitch: I whacked the side of the cliff, and the flowers planted above went up in petals...I mean the flowers didn't disappear but it's as if someone ran over them! :O

September 21:
Last Bug-Off of 2013!

I found it strange/cute that Joey and I both went for the same bug. :) Joey saw it first, though, for the record.

135 points was the highest amount I've got all season! Yay!

September 22:
Tank visited my tent today.

Ahh, Chief if catching on to the ideal town of Shantaki! Keep rackin' in the zen stuff, Chief, cause you're my only hope!

He's fishing on the bridge...glitch?

Final Bug-Off results! I didn't even bring out my other two characters - I'd like to say I wanted to be fair to my villagers and give them a chance, but I simply didn't have time. xD

This made me chuckle. :)

September 27:
Woo! Zen clock will be coming your way, Chief!

I might actually consider this one, too!

Okay, the hybrid rules really confuse me in this game - I put down pink and orange cosmos and was just 'storing' them together, as well as orange lilies 'stored' not too far away. The next morning, I find that the orange lily patch has bred a black lily, and the orange/pink cosmo patch has bred a black cosmo...? Can someone explain this to me?

September 30:
This is in the plans, as well, Renee!

And I literally rushed to catch the two salmons with all three characters in the last night of the month. I got both the normal-sized and king salmons with each player, except for one of them with Felicity, so I was pretty proud of the luck I got, as it was a school night, and you could see how dark it is in the picture. :O


  1. Haha, Frank used to live in my town, we can pretend he moved out of Citalune and took a visit to Shantaki :P
    Ooh, your waterfall looks so beautiful with the full moon and bamboo in the background!
    It's good to hear a bit about Miagen, I miss it! Though I know Cassidy must be busy, don't blame her at all for that :) I really like the placement of that tablet in the middle of the forest as well.
    Congratulations on getting all those PWPs you want, can't wait to see how you implemented them :D I pretty much got all the PWPs I was wanting, so it's funny to see what my neighbors still suggest these days, parabolic antennas, Stonehenge, all kinds of stuff xD
    Oh cool, I've never gotten a black cosmo before. In past games, you could get those with RedxRed, but maybe the trick now is that it requires two cosmo hybrids to breed, or something.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

    1. Ouu, thank you! I thought it was quite the peaceful night. :D

      Yeah, she's not even on AC right now, she hasn't been since the beginning of October - she rage quit on it after she lost all her hard earned turnip money on a bad stalk market week. I don't expect she'll be back anytime soon either, she's really into Pokemon Y at the moment. :(

      Antennas?? LOLL what?!

      Do you want a couple black cosmos? I have plenty! :D The only hybrid I'm missing is purple tulips, haha! Only available from orange tulips, if I'm correct. >.<

      Me too! See you then! :D