Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beginning of September (STILL!)

Still trying to catch up, but I'm doing it half a month at a time, so it shouldn't be too much longer! According to my calculations, it'll be about 4 more posts 'till I'm all caught up! ;) You'll also notice that for my birthday I got an SD card reader! That means no more crappy quality pictures, and less work for me! (no taking pictures of pictures, cropping, etc.) Yay! :D

September 2nd:

Labor day was today! Took advantage of the fact that I have three characters and they each played a role! 

Playing around with my high jump mat! (Surprisingly realistic!)

Aww, time to say good bye to Monique. Yet I still didn't get her pic. >.<

Happy September! I have notcied that it gets a lot noiser at night compared to the summer without any trees. (No trees = no cicadas)!

I always get metronomes in my ReTail and it doesn't make much sense. The rare occasion I forget to replace the little paper 'vacant' sign on a slot in the Flea Market, a villager might put something up for sale. Which I don't mind, cause I always like to see what they have to offer. However, all they've been putting up is metronomes! Like three times in a row!

Noah got the Refurbishing Beginner badge! :)

September 8th:
Not sure what happened to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th, but I guess I didn't take any pictures on those days? That's what you get for being behind in posting - I don't remember! >.< Anyways, Noah got the Happy Homer Bronze badge today!

September 9th:
Flo visited in my campsite today. :)

HOWEVER, like usual, I couldn't add her. Seems as though I was just too late. Lucha thought it'd be cool to move in on top of my turnips, and where my old path was. But it was too late, because I had already loaded Ryann. >.<

September 10th:
Time for the final Gracie fashion check. >:)

WOO! Passed, and on my way to T&T Emporium laannnee! 

I seriously thought Tommy turned into Moe here! Can I help ya, Moe?

September 11th:
Wee, expanding on my BIRTHDAY! :D

Huhhhh, Lucha moved in today. And his house isn't even good, I cry. :'(

Yup, seems like the old Lucha that Cassidy loooved.

Hmm, I'm not thinkin' that will go, Joey. 

September 12:
Blaire came to my camp site today. :)

What's this? We can dig up letters in the rain?

Final upgrade of the Nooks' store!

Estel and Jasper came over today for a pretty sweet WiFi! :)

Estel came over for the first bit, then Jasper showed up. I gave Estel a tour of the town before Jasper came.

Hm, maybe I should keep my guests awaaaay, Lucha.

Then, Estel was kind enough to give me PERFECT cherries for my town! Thanks so much! Apparently she got them from Teru, and just delivered them to me, so thanks to both of you! :D

It was a very cute WiFi, guys, thanks! ^ ^

September 13th: (birthday! :D)

Aww, omg, this means I'm closest out of all my neighbors to Portia! (One of my original three). I don't know how I feel about this, because I've known her for the longest, but I also know that she is for sure not going to be a dream guest. I already have plans for her to move away, which I feel bad about! :(

So she brought me back to her house and my two other 'besties' were there! Chief I have in my plans for dream visitors, and Drake I'm still deciding, so at least I only have to break one person's heart. ;)

I stood on this screen for the longest time, actually. I didn't realize that when Portia told me to blow out the candles, that I actually had to BLOW. xD So I clicked all the buttons on my DS. LOLL!

^^^ Probably should have gotten that, though.

I got a gift, too. :D

ANND, I shared my wish with her...and now all of I guess it's now a goal. :P

AWW, Drake this is why I want to keep you around. :3

And then apparently having a birthday is an accomplishment, haha!

Aww, now all the 'others' that didn't come to the party wish me a happy birthday. :)

Annd T&T Emporium opens today!! Ahh, it's a beauty. :)

Hmm, something up today, Labelle? 

Yup, you can totally tell by the way that she greets you that overnight she feels you deserve a mannequin. LOL!

Now I've got all four! ^ ^ But I'm not keeping those costumes haha.

Thanks to Estel for the lovely World Map! :)

Had a very lovely birthday. ^ ^

September 14th:
EWW caught my first one of these THINGS. They're so gross!

And Cassidy gave me presents for my birthday yesterday, how nice! :* Though I came over with Felicity out of convenience. :P

September 15th:
Bred my first orange tulips today!

AHH my favorite item! Will put this up in my living room to stay! :D

FINALLY! My first black lily too! These are apparently so rare! In all the time I've had this massive red lily patch up, only one has bred - this one!

Literally my neighbors have been trolling me SO much lately!! Like this is actually one of my biggest pet peeves of the game, if they decide to tell you their moving, THEN MOVE IF I SAY BYE.

Lousy money day. :P

Ahh, autumn moon tonight! 


  1. I appreciate and admire all the work you've put into your AC:NL posts: taking pictures with a camera instead of pressing a few buttons on the 3DS, cropping and editing the pictures and re-saving them, etc. I used to have do that for my AC:WW posts, and AC:NL has definitely spoiled me with not needing to anymore. xP

    Maybe one or more of your neighbors has a metronome in their house's furnishings? My neighbor Colton has a metronome in his house. But yeah, it's weird that the metronome keeps showing up xD I try to always keep my Re-Tail slots full because I don't like my neighbors messing up their houses by putting stuff in Re-Tail.

    I hope you had a happy birthday! :D I experienced the AC:NL birthday festivities with Lyra recently, and was somewhat disappointed that it couldn't be my own birthday when I discovered all the cuteness of the surprise party, blowing out the candles, etc., oh well. It's a lot more than AC:WW, when you were just delivered a birthday cake!

    I can relate to your feelings of guilt about Portia. I'm waiting for some of my oldest neighbors to move out still, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of them have gotten close to Estel...

    Ahh, congratulations on the Emporium -- jealous! :P
    Your town looks very pretty in those flowery pictures at the end! Congrats on the new hybrids :)

    Are you maybe free to WiFi sometime today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday)?

    1. Aww, thanks so much! I do find that this way is a lot easier, and it's just become so busy with homework, school, and trying to keep up with the AC game itself!

      Ahh, good observation! It must be super coincidental that they'd all have metronomes though, don't you think? ;) And I'm not worrying about that right now, haha, I'll cross that bridge when I get most/all of my dream villagers. :)

      Aw, thanks! Yeah, I was really flattered by all the celebrating they did for me on my birthday! I'm glad I had it on my birthday first, and also that I didn't spoil it for you - I never really thought of spoiling the moment for others who haven't yet experienced it with pictures of my big day! :O

      I've been so busy lately - I'm sorry, you've probably heard that a lot. :( However, ironically, I have cleared my plans for halloween night - I wanted to experience the festivities on AC this year! Also, most of me is thinking that halloween in New Leaf is going to be better than the real world, haha. So if you're available that night, we can hopefully rearrange something! If not, that's totally understandable and we'll keep in touch. :)

    2. Sure, if I'm free on Halloween, I'd love to try to meet up with you then, that'd be fun! :)

  2. Happy, late, birthday xD