Monday, September 16, 2013

A New Dance Move!

August 11:
So, Joey showed up today! It was actually not that easy, either, since I knew he would be coming one of these days, and thought that I needed to make sure his house was in a good location - for the sake of my path, and considering he's going to be a permanent resident! :D 

Joey's actually not too far from where Ruby was, but at least he gives me my personal space. I was also glad to see that he kept most of his furniture from what he had in Wild World. Looks like the only key thing he's missing is his elephant slide, so I'll have to arrange for him to get that. :3

I finally got my golden slingshot - and this time, it's to keep! :) Last time, it was shot down into a patch of ores...and disappeared. 

It was the second fireworks show tonight, too! In this particular shot I was watching the light show with the three kitties in my town!

And this is probably the prettiest design, in a perfect position in the sky. It looks like a sunset/sunrise, and I was able to catch the moment with Joey. ^ ^

August 12:
Today I got my second approval from Gracie! Some of these outfits make me shake my head, but Gracie seems to love them. It really is quite strange.

OMG. Joey GETS my town! It's a good thing he knows from the get go that my town is gonna dominate with Japaneseness, because he's gonna be around 'til the end!

I've finished my rain outfit, for Ryann, that is. I also have the yellow umbrella, but I couldn't pull that out while I was indoors.

August 13:
Noah got the Insect Encyclopedia badge!

Okay, I'm glad this day has finally come. Margie's not a bad neighbor, but her house is RIGHT in the middle of where my path needs to go. See ya, Margie! (^-^d)

August 14:
Baabara was the camper in my town, today. It's been quite a while since I had a camper! And I don't think I've figured out the pattern for tents - I used to think it was once a week, but sometimes I'll get three in a week, and none the next, so maybe it's just by chance.

Felicity got the Amateur Turnip Trader badge!

August 15:
Haa, finally finished with Shrunk with both Noah and Ryann. It was nice to visit him every day to listen to his jokes, but I ran out of fruit after a while, and it was a pain that his service wasn't available until 12pm.

The Shrunk Funk Shuffle is obviously the coolest trick in the books, though.

Noah's done!

Ryann's done!

Noah got the Avid Bell Saver badge, too!

TARANTULA that I somehow ended up catching on camera - as if I wasn't already busy enough trying to catch it!

Which I failed at, typically.

August 16:
August Bug-Off today!

Hmm, whatta picture bomb. Honestly, these silver slingshots are super annoying. As if I don't have one by now, I have the golden slingshot - that's how many balloons I've shot down!

Felicity got the Avid Bell Saver badge!

Awkward, I brought out the wrong player. Noah was actually the only one of my characters that didn't get a trophy this month. Felicity was second, and Ryann was first. ^ ^


  1. Congratulations on completing your emotions! As I type this I still have a few more to go, but I should be done very soon. ^_^ With Estel, that is... all my other characters have 0 emotions. :P I admire your dedication to all your characters, letting them get some fresh air often, participate in Bug-Offs, earn badges, etc. I don't do much with my non-mayor characters, other than mess with their houses' exterior/interior decorations.

    1. Thanks! It was pretty difficult to get an emotion with all my players each day between 12pm and 8pm during the summer, so I'm glad I'm finished with him. :)

      Oh, yeah, it's getting tougher to do with school! I used to get coffee, the money rock, and an emotion with each character, every day in the summer. Now, thankfully, I only bring out the other players to get the money rock. Occasionally, I'll go shopping with them so they can get closer to getting the golden axe and shovel, as well as the three other mannequins they need.