Friday, October 4, 2013

Rest of August: HUUGE Catch-up

Okay, forgive me for this post, cause it's going to be quite long. I've fallen two months behind, and I have pictures for all that time, but I need to get them out, and get caught up.

August 17:
The third Bug-Off results are up! Unfortunately, Noah wasn't able to squeeze himself in there. I usually aim for medals that my characters haven't gotten in their collection yet.

Aww, Margie's moving. I haven't got anything against the villager, except for the location of her house is brutal, so I'm glad she's finally hitting the road.

Insect Encyclopedia badge with Ryann!

Catalog Maniac Bronze with Noah!

Oh, dear, this should be good.

Ahh, the K.K. Slider Fan badge with Noah. :3

 August 18: 
Noticed on Joey that he doesn't have a yellow bottom. It actually looks like he's wearing shorts in this picture - am I correct?

Croque visited my town today by tent. :)

 August 19:  
Ahh, an empty spot where I can move my path so that it's not hugging up against the river. :D

And now that I moved my path, it looks like running on it each day really does make a difference! Too bad I'm moving my path over a bit - it was really coming along!

 August 20:

Ahh, Chief, you're my hero! I'm keeping him around for all the Zen furniture that he suggests - he's the only one I can count on! :O

Cassidy came over today so we could do serious renovations on my town. Like SERIOUS renovations, 'cause I'm really not feeling what my town looks like as it is.

Soo she brought over her golden axe and I put her to work. We cut down all the trees in town, (aside from the palm trees on the beach).

I also did this because I had NO hybrids, and I needed to get moving on the hybrid breeding for all the ideas I have for my town later on. We set up hybrid breeding patches, and it took a loonngg time, so I'm glad we're finished with that. (^-^d)

This is our garbage pile - for all the flowers that we need to either sell or run over. My town is a mess right now!

But the up-view looks so pretty without surrounding trees in the way! And, thanks for the photo bomb, Cassidy. xD

I've never seen my town look so bare, but I guess it's a good way to see what kind of grass you have, and to fix up all your dirty, patchy spots across town!

 August 21:
Leonardo visited today. I thought his personality was interesting, so I was hoping he would move in, but I remembered I didn't have any room. *sobs* I'm not sure if I like this idea, since if some visitor that you've always wanted shows up one day, and you don't have room, then you don't have a choice but to watch them disappear the next day. >.<

August 22:

The damage was so bad!

I calculated and lost 2 million, 600 000 Bells by being impatient and wanting to sell them right away. I didn't think the game would mind if I went back 3 hours to when ReTail was happily opened, and I log on to find this. :'( Guess I'll start saving up again...

 August 23:
Ah, finally! That parasaur torso was hard to find, but worth the wait! Now for the bugs, fish, and paintings! :)

 August 24:
AWW JOEY! I thought this was a cute photo, and can't wait until I get his picture. Does anyone know if I have to wait until Easter or he moves, (which isn't going to happen, mwahaha), to get it?

Argh, I'll never catch a tarantula - and it looks like this is the last time I'll get to attempting. There's always next year! And, at least I have one for my museum. :)

OMGGG Chevre came into my coffee shop today, and she's one of my potential DREAM CITIZENS OF SHANTAKI! I hope she comes to my tent soon! :D

August 25:
I think I might actually use this wood bench in my town. ^ ^

August 26:
The third fashion check for Gracie! At least, I think it's the third check...I've kind of lost track. :S

Noah made a friend at the island! 

Well, actually he was just being creepy.

And he couldn't get over himself.

So she left, and he was heartbroken.
The End.

August 27:
Anchovy was a camper in my town today.

Ouu, I didn't know Mr. Resetti's name was Sonny! I guess it pays to listen to your villagers once in a while! xD

Remember Erin that I met at the island not long ago? Well, I saw that her and Kiki were online, so I invited them over to Shantaki. ^ ^ 

Kiki's a strange one, that's what I learned from our WiFi. xD

And she HAD to bring her toy hammer. So I ran from her, and out-smarted her by hiding where she couldn't find me. >:D

A traditional group picture. (^,^d)

After Erin had to go home, I went to Meadow with Kiki. :)

Her hyrbids are so pretty! :3

And the entrance to her house is so simple, but I love it! I think I want the same sort of streetlights in my entrance, but also accompanied by a fountain.

Oh. Is this suggesting something...??

Kiki was very kind as to give my not one, but THREE blue roses to get me going! Thanks so much Kiki! :*


Dan from woodnox joined us. (Not a blogger)

Collette from New York came over, too.  It's Kiki's sister, actually! :) She's not a blogger, either.

Can't escape that toy hammer of hers. :P

I really liked her outfit that she changed into, so I asked to take a picture with her! Is that weird?

Okay, this was too funny. Kiki kept hitting her sister with the toy hammer while Collette was trying to get her golden axe back. xD

Aww, they didn't stop making cheese-based mice! I really like the idea of that. :3

AHH a floppy hat! From GracieGrace, but I was just trying it on in here.

Collette and Dan went home, and not too long after, Layla from disney came over. I didn't get much time to meet with her, since I had to go eat my lunch, (I just let my D.S. chill on the couch).

Wait, this confuses me. Once you reach the T.I.Y. and upgrade your Main Street to the fullest, can villagers that don't even live in your town come to your stores? Boomer didn't seem like he was from Meadow...

August 28:
Noah's house is finally all finished! Exterior, at least! :D

AHH gotta love when this happens! I was wearing just that item today anyways! I guess it's Katrina's way of telling you that you wasted 500 Bells for today, because you were already lucky with what you had on. xD

Lobo visited today!

August 29:
Ahh, Kid Cat sees us more than just acquaintances? ;;)

Aww, cute picture of the two of us.

And when you zoom up, Kid Cat's totally smiling! AWW!

NO NO NO THIS ACTUALLY ISN'T HAPPENING! There is someone moving in almost exactly where Margie moved out of! :'(

I was ranting to Kiki about how she's ruining all my future town plans, and I realized I forgot to read the sign of WHO was moving in! It's Opal. One of Cassidy's outcasts. I'M DONE.

August 30:
Aww, okay Monique, that's fine. Your house isn't in a horrible place, but I could use a change in villagers. Bye!

WAAH and Opal moved in today. :'(

Argh, just moved from Miagen. Can I send you right back?

The sky in this picture is really pretty, too! :)

August 31:
Yaays! Felicity, (a little behind the others), got her final joke, and Dr. Shrunk's jacket today!


  1. It looks to me like Joey has diapers :P
    Good work with the new projects and town renovations! You've been working hard, can't wait to see the final product :)
    Aww, I'm really sorry about the turnips. :( I knew that TTing backwards makes turnips rot, if only I'd mentioned it in one of my posts somewhere, I might've saved you a lot of bells. >_< I don't buy turnips much anymore for that reason; I've been utilizing the TT function lately to accommodate my busier schedule with classes.
    Cute pictures of you and Kid Cat and Joey! ^_^
    I'm sorry about Opal and her house location. :( I have her in my town as well, actually. Wouldn't mind her moving out either. xP

    Btw, I'm on fall break, so feel free to let me know whenever you're free to WiFi!

    1. LOLL OMMG THAT WOULD BE ACCURATE! That's so cute! :3

      Thanks! It's coming, but still far from complete!

      Ahh, don't blame yourself! It's all my fault! I knew it was bad to TT when turnips were around, but I didn't know going back a few hours would be bad ! What about if I had to change my time because of Daylight Savings Time??

      Omg, fall break? It either must be different in the US or you're in college, cause we don't have that here! So jealous! :P

  2. Oh, and on receiving a neighbor's picture, it doesn't have to happen on Easter or when a neighbor moves away. A neighbor can give you their picture after you commplete errand for them, or as a present in a letter (after you've written them a letter). Doing errands for them also is a big boost for friendship level, and putting a little extra effort into the errands is an even bigger boost. For example, when they ask for furniture, give them a piece refurbished by Cyrus, or when they ask for fruit, give them a perfect fruit. Good luck with getting Joey's picture! :)

    1. Aww, okay, that makes more sense! I heard they took them away overall in City Folk though, I was so disappointed! Thanks for the info, it helps a lot! :D

  3. Aww sorry about Opal's random appearance! :c hopefully she'll move out? Thanks for adding those pretty photos about our wifi :D that day was really fun, hope we can wifi again some day c:

    ~Kiki from meadow (sorry I had to comment Anonymously >_<)

    1. Haa, I hope so!

      No problem! It was a fun, and very eventful day!

      The next time will probably be your birthday party! October 9th, am I correct? :)

      Oh, don't worry about it, I'm still trying to figure out if there's a way to add wordpress accounts on here so all yous don't have to be anonymous all the time. >.<

  4. Just wondering if you'd be free to do wifi multiplayer with me sometime? I'm in your 3DS friend list (Isabella). Sorry I have to comment as anonymous, like I said in a comment on another of your posts a while back I don't have a blog account. :P I'll probably be free any time you are. :3
    If we can would you mind if I catalogue some items?
    ~ Isabella