Friday, February 21, 2014

Toy Day and New Years! (End of December)

I've been MIA for about a month now, it's been so busy lately! Especially since Katy Perry's tour tickets went on sale for our country. I've been able to keep up on AC itself, just not my blog, unfortunately. :(

So we time warp back to the end of December for my blog post...

December 16:
First fishing tourney that I could actually make it to! Ryann finished first with Felicity close behind her in second, and Chief in third. Noah didn't get to participate - the fishing tourney Saturdays always fall on the wrong days for my schedule it seems.

First igloo of the year! Actually, first igloo ever which makes it so much more cool. It even illuminates in the evening - cute!

And even cuter inside! Blanche was my first guest, who is currently in my sister's town, Miagen.

December 19:
My first snowmen family, and literally I mean snowMEN. I think they're my favourite type of snowman because bingo is the funnest to play, and theres no difference between perfect and well-balanced. Whereas, snowmams will charge you 5 snowflakes instead of 3, and snowtykes/snowboys won't send you mail the next day.

Thought the ground looked pretty cool here as the snow formed in this patch. :)

Chief's birthday today! Unfortunately I completely forgot about it after I took this screenshot, and it really disappoints me because he's a close bud of mine and I'm shooting for his picture.

I travelled to Miagen to experiment with Cassidy's snowmen since she was collecting specifically snowmen at the time, too.

First bingo! I thought it was neat, however unrealistic, that magical fireworks exploded in the background as you threw your hand up in success. ;)

December 21:
Winter Solstice today! It'll be strange connecting the hourly music to the dark skies!

A fun picture and a mid-day shot, though you wouldn't think so!

December 23:
Not much happening today, Phil asked to build a parabolic antenna which is not in the future design for Shantaki.

Noah got the Happy Homer Silver badge!

December 24 (TOY DAY!) :
Believe it or not, it's Felicity behind that suit! Depressing that the bag disappears at dawn though. :(

Fish Maniac badge for Felicity!

Ryann's turn! (Actually my pictures are out of order, so excuse the daylight when it technically shouldn't be there).

Went island hopping in the daytime and found a twin! Looks like we're both ready to impress Jingle tonight! ^^

When I got back from the island it was 6pm, meaning I could start my journeys with Jingle!

I got all of the presents perfect with Felicity (I didn't think you could get Jingle's pic and the festive wreath together and I needed the festive wreath for future house plans, so I only ended up with one Jingle's pic when Felicity accidentally got a perfect score).

My attempt at making up for the fact that I didn't take a picture of my Happy Homer Bronze badge with Felicity. xD

Matching! xx

 It was nice to see the animals act like children when it comes to Santa, and realistically act the same for each character..;)

Seems like the villagers that I didn't want in my town anymore go the hate when it had to come to breaking the perfect score for a festive wreath...oops!

Missed the Fishing Tourney again...don't even remember what I was doing that day. #latepostproblems

I only donated ONE ant to the museum..? THAT family escalated quickly.

Stringfish with Ryann! :D

I had to travel back in time because I messed up people's orders and realized that I never paid that close of attention to what they wanted. Unfortunately, that meant resetting all my snowmen and expiring my bingo cards.

BUT, I got to keep my 'mystery' bag after all! For those of you that don't know what I mean, it's my expired Santa bag that now I get to KEEP! :D

Okay this was a picture from this morning...but this was the day that I realized that cedar trees only grow in the north, and that AC is very strict about the line dividing north and south of your town. Now I need to rearrange my town differently.

Ryann got the Great Samaritan badge!

Are they children? I wonder how old they are, if crankies are oldest and lazies are youngest? Snooties are teenagers no doubt and jocks are probably men in their 20s. 

Went over to Miagen earlier today to DESTROY her path! It was really fun, and if you recall, I did this earlier and she helped me destroy mine the same way. Today was the day that she decided (with a little help from Estel) that she'd have an all blue town.

Seems like I didn't say goodbye to Renee properly because apparently it's 'awkward' to catch her gaze.

Kid Cat's house is gone, meaning 1/4 houses that are lying on my new path are out of the way.

On the other hand, Big Top was kind to me when I travelled to Miagen!

Aww, Santa is like a celebrity to the townsfolk of Shantaki!

Leave it to lazies to incorporate food into every conversation. ;)

Seafood Encyclopedia badge with Ryann!

Skilled Diver badge with Ryann!

December 26:
 Oh, Flora. ;)

Gift exchange done with Cassidy today since obviously I wasn't on AC at all on Christmas day. Really glad Nintendo made sure nothing was happening on Christmas because that's a day that's spent with family for me.

December 28:
Getting ready for the New Year in Shantaki!

This single cover cracks me up for some reason. xD

I'm sending the Christmas lists from this year to my future self in fall of next year just as a nice throwback. Also throwing my mystery bag in so I don't have to store it somewhere right now.

December 31:
Countdown to 2014! pictures are out of order again and because it's not the easiest to move pictures around in Blogger, I'm going to leave it unorganized. So unlike me-- sorry! This picture was taken this mid-day when it was still 7 hours till midnight. :)

A happy bonus?! Love how he says happy all the time. xD

Golden shovel for Ryann! I've banned her from buying fertilizers and saplings so that Felicity and Noah can get the golden axe and shovel. 

First thing I did with my golden shovel? Planted 20,000 Bells. Hope it grows!

Ugh, what are the odds?

Countdown started, I believe, like an hour from midnight?

SO CUTE to walk around and see all my villagers wearing their party hats!

I was very disappointed with how Nintendo treated Canada on New Years. I was expecting New Years noodles to add to my menu at Felicity's house, but I guess that won't be happening...I'll have to trade for/buy it on BTF now.

Advancing further in the Resetti plot.

About the third time I believe, you'll catch Sonny dancing and singing in his mancave, but still no sight of Don Resetti.

Celebrating the night with my fave villager at the time. xx

So many villagers in the plaza for tonight's event!

Wasting my unwanted drink.

Yet these were the only two villagers that, inside, had their hats on still ready to party from, maybe, their tv? Opal and another that I forget didn't have anything to do with it inside, like where is your spirit?!

HAPPY 2014!!!